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    Feb 2008
    Larry ...

    exactly ...i know u dont want people to view our industry this way....so remove it...and take action against people making threats to people who dont agree with them ...

    this forum should not scare away haunters who have differing views
    in order to see the orchestra ...you must turn your back on the crowd...


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    I think some folks are confused. This isn't a real commercial haunt...this isn't even a real business. She is an artist and this is a satirical art installation.....meaning she is using humor to make a point about gay rights. She chose to use a haunted house theme because gay rights are something that frightens some people. She doesn't charge admission. It's only open from 4-8pm. She wasn't at Transworld buying any props and I doubt she hired Distortions to make her any scary lesbian animatronics. Did you even look at the picture of the front fašade to her show? Its a rainbow that says lesbians rule. It in no way even begins to look like a haunted anything. Do you really think any potential haunt customer would drive by and confuse this with an actual haunted attraction? This is just her way of making a statement about something that matters to her. I don't see how this affects haunt owners in any way.

    By the way she covers more issues in her art installations that just gay rights. She has done projects on childhood abuse, fat phobia, racism, etc.
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    Thanks Dawn... I think if you saw my post and my facebook post about it I wanted to know if anyone could go and see this attraction and report back. Either way I stand by what I said that I think even in this case to many people are trying to use the popularity of haunted houses to push or promote some issue, cause, religion or whatever which in my view does hurt the haunt industry. It distracts the publicity to something negative, or something controversial rather than how fun Halloween really is... I'd rather see stories about pumpkin patches than a lesbian haunted house or a naked haunted house or a haunt based on serial killers. People are going to far to whip up PR to make a buck or to make a statement and hurting this industry at the same time...

    If anyone out there is so naive to think any PR is good no you are wrong, and not to mention if you think the media would not prefer something sensational over something positive you are flat out nuts...

    The media jumps on these things quickly and turns the attention from the core values of Halloween to something other than Halloween...

    To me Halloween is picking pumpkins, decorating your yard now, trick or treating, costume contests, tractor rides, pony rides, some horror movies, and yes fun and safe haunted houses... not lesbians, not naked people running around, not church groups, not some mental heath group trying to get PR for their group by picking on haunts to whatever...

    Halloween first and foremost is a children holiday... lets try to keep its roots there. Pornography, sexuality, your religion nothing have anything to do with Halloween.


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    Look I will take the heat on this one. Larry was not and did not agree with my choice of words. He did see where I was going on this. My feelings are deep because of an issue from my past. So really there is no need to question or jump Larry it was my wording that caused this whole thing. Shane and it's I can't make it any clearer.

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    This thread has been pruned of the argument... I must say after looking at each post I didn't see everything that was being said for example Tim making a VERY CRUDE joke against women stating he smelled something fishy. Tim should we delete that since its a crude joke against woman at least that is how I took that.

    Either way I want to say for the record that discussion on this haunted house a naked haunted house, or even Tims haunt which is filled with all sorts of hate depicted scenes if fair game. We can discuss and disagree about whether or not actors should be allowed to touch customers I know Tim will have a difference of opinion on that one as well, since they allow it most do not.

    Who's right and who's wrong...or is anyone wrong. Is a Lesbian haunted house a gimmick on the back of our success yes it is in my book. Is a Naked haunted house nothing more than a promotion stunt to make money... again in my opinion it is. Is having a haunt based on real life serial killers wrong, or a Jeffery Dahmler kitchen wrong, yes yes and yes in my book.

    You may feel different... should you have suicide or abortion scenes in my book no! Did I disagree with the prop Distortions made giving birth... yeah I did by not buying one! Did I think the dog industry was wrong for beating up on Distortions over their road kill dog... yep! Dog lovers felt the opposite...

    Bottom line all these things should be discussed because we live in America but at the same time that doesn't mean we should start a riot or beat up each over it. Some of you need to get a grip ... debate and discussion is good it opens eyes and sometimes steers us in the right direction.


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