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Thread: Mobile haunt

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  1. Default Mobile haunt 
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    Aug 2013
    What are the pros and cons of a mobile haunt? And what is the cost vs. a stand alone building? It seems the Freaklings Bros have it dialed.


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    Nov 2011
    From a 1 year noob standpoint...

    1. If you get evicted for some stupid reason, you just hire your driver and pull off the lot!

    2. Codes. Here in Arkansas, ADA is only (disability act) only applies to PERMANENT STRUCTURES! Which your trailer, well, it's obviously not.

    3. Fire. Much easier for fire exits! In fact, we had a stupid accident in our town here with a backyard haunt that had a stupid actor think it was a good idea to throw paint thinner in a burning barrel. 2 kids got hurt. Was outside the haunt (Believe all were actors)

    4. Fire 2. Fire Marshals usually like this setup better because it's so much easier to see everything. Exits (should be anyways) apprxm. every 50ft and they really like that.

    5. If you have a smaller haunt (just a couple of trailers) you should be right around the 1,000 ft sprinkler rule. Not that you try to "get around the code" but, more less look at it as a guideline. I'ts not "Oh hey I have to get sprinklers if I'm xxx size"... you look at it as "It's a much safer haunt if it's a 1,000 sq ft in size w/o sprinklers..." get it?

    6. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!!!!!! I am in talks with getting to the 'higher ups' to rent parking space for next year at Kmart, just a few blocks from the huge Turtle Creek Mall!! TONS of traffic in this 75k town and has lots of out of towners here. Marketing will be easier on the wallet if you put it in the middle of town with lots of traffic.

    ... that's about all I got at the.. well oh one more.

    7. WALLS! Half of them are already built!

  3. Default 1000 square feet 
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    Apr 2012
    Each trailer should be counted as a different structure so the 1000square feet rule should not apply. Greg Chrise touched on a lot of negatives of a trailer haunt in a different post. You have to hook a fire alarm system to the trailers.

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    Mar 2010
    If you're serious, you need to read this article, will do you a whole hell of a lot of good.


    And if you're really serious, you'll read all of the articles relating to trailer haunts on this webpage,

    (No I'm not affiliated with Rich or his haunts, but I did enjoy the good read from these articles, the experience that was put into them are remarkable!)

  5. Default Good share 
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    Apr 2012
    That was good articles. Some of the negatives he did not say. Like trailers need to be checked to make sure there road worthy. Also make sure you store them on cement because if not they can sink in the ground if it gets muddy. Trailer storage here is like 1300 a year(if you have five that can add up). Also tires, brakes and any other maintenance to make sure they are road worthy. Plus lot rental( I know someone here that was paying 10k in a prime parking lot).

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    Aug 2013
    Thanks for the info! I am going to open my haunt in 2014! I really like this idea.

    thanks so much for your advice


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