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Thread: It Hurts to alwasy be right but...

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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    You make some great arguments. I think based on what you are saying I can see some real possibilities and on the flip with what I'm saying about wasting your time to do this we have salt and pepper. If you don't have to do much then its all great, however if you sit there all day long and post on these things its almost worthless. I like your approach! I'm interested.


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    Cleveland, Ohio
    thank you sir! i know my stuff!
    Owner of The Fear Experience Haunted House in Cleveland, Ohio, voted the #1 haunted house in Ohio, and #14 in America by Funtober. The Fear Experience Haunted House was called the premier haunted attraction in northeast ohio by cleveland.com and #1 in cleveland by metromix.

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    Speaking from someone who has grown up with all the aforementioned social nets, each was started with an intended purpose. Myspace somewhat was the lynchpin to everything now as far as people and their need to be heard by their peers. Not too far after was Youtube which furthered the drive to be seen by the world. Facebook revolutionized what everyone was doing on Myspace because it gave a perceived "sophisticated" way to do it. I too had a facebook and never used it until I went off to college then it became an obsession. Shortly after THAT twitter became the buzz but it was way more fun when it was in the "who gives a shit about what you're doing" phase and the masses thought it was stupid. It's INTENT being to do what you were already doing on Facebook and Myspace, sharing your thoughts...but in a simplified, often times wittier way (while also making hashtags popular to group thoughts)! Now that it's been taken over by celebs I stopped using it cause it just became too commonplace and overcrowded with junk. Instagram IS the hot new thing...again, with the INTENT of doing what we've already been doing...posting pictures of what we're doing, while adding remarks, tagging others, and utilizing hashtags.

    NOW THE GREAT THING IS...everything is basically owned by the same bigwigs so while you say FB is out, technically it MAY be uncool to log into your account but it's "new thing" instagram is a subsidiary which does the same type stuff but simpler. Personally I link all my stuff anyway, so whatever I post on Foursquare goes to my twitter and facebook. Same with my Instagram, so really for me it comes to using the simplest method and broadcasting it out to all mediums!
    O'Shawn McClendon
    Creative Chair -- Operator: Cayce-West Columbia Hall of Horrors

    One mans junk is another mans kick-ass new prop...






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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    Here proves a point... Haunted Attraction Magazine. They started out this season with 25,000 likes, now they have almost 100,000. They have jumped almost 75,000 they didn't get that leap from posting on their facebook. Maybe I'm wrong but after looking at it they have made I think FOUR posts in several months... one announcing they are relaunching the magazine, two talking about Rob Zombie and one talking about their release of the magazine four posts in all... but grew by 75,000 or so. How did they do that??? Obviously they paid for them or bought friends or so it appears... is that cheating or a waste of money or smart business?

    I could care less if they end up with 1 million friends it doesn't change real traffic and we SLAYED HauntedHouse.com ... facebook plays almost no role in bringing your business traffic. In this case it appears they are obsessed with as many or more facebook likes than Hauntworld so they can say to vendors hey we are more popular than them... well that would be false!

    I bring up this point because it really goes to show what I had said before that facebook has really become a popularity contest for business owners... if you can say I have the most facebook friends you can have a perception that you are more popular. People are out there buying facebook friends spending millions of dollars to achieve this but does it help your business sell more tickets, sell more products... no not really.

    This year we posted on facebook daily and my haunt business has 64,000 likes and in total facebook was my 7th biggest referring website and that doesn't include direct which was #1 thereby bumping facebook down again... here is my top ten!

    1) Google
    2) Hauntworld
    3) Yahoo
    4) Bing
    5) About.com
    6) Explore St Louis
    7) Facebook
    8) HauntedHouseMagazine.com
    9) HauntedHayrides.com
    10) Pandora

    The point of this post is not to hammer HAM for buying tons of facebook friends if that is exactly what they are doing but to show that you don't even have to post on facebook really to get friends if you want to pay for them... you can sit there day after day after day do nothing and get tons of likes. Facebook is a business now and they prey on people who get obsessed with building up their facebook likes to the levels of their competition... this is how they make money. I think is a dumb move for people to do that I think Ben said it best that social media works best for you when people promote you on their pages not you trying to promote thru your own page.

    But I think anyway at least in my opinion that all it takes with facebook to build a page is a credit card!

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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    By the way... did you guys know there are sites out there that sell facebook likes so you can jump by leaps and bounds quickly! Go to a search engine and type in boost facebook likes, or even buy facebook likes and you'll find a dozen companies that do promotions they will sell you up to 10,000 facebook likes at a time.

    Again not ripping on ANYONE who does these programs if you feel its important to build up your facebook page for perception to clients, sponsors, or whatever then you feel that is important. I'm not going to argue that... my main point is that is it good business does facebook really help your business?

    I'm going to say on such a limited scale its hardly a factor at all... so the effort you put into it or should rather has to be in line with the return.

    But for those of you out there who want to rapidly grow your page you can do it quickly if you have a credit card.


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    Nov 2003
    New Jersey
    To expand on what I posted a week ago, one of the people I follow wrote a blog post about how he gained a bunch of followers, it's more focused on artists, but explains the process he used to get 1,500 followers in 30 days:

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