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Thread: How to up it the next year...How to switch the scares?

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  1. Default How to up it the next year...How to switch the scares? 
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    Apr 2009
    So after 4 years we have changed up our 2 trails, cornfield, and 2 Haunted Houses themes and rooms. I was thinking how to change up the scares for the people that came the past few years they know what to expect but still get scared I am trying to think of a way to scare unexpectedly. They know when a light is blinding you an actor is going to jump out etc, drop panels. I am sure haunt owners know what I am talking about when you overhaul your haunt you are looking for new scare tactics. We were thinking a zombie theme or end of world apocalypse theme. I know we have plenty of time but we are thinking of how to theme 8 rooms and 3 skits for this theme.

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    Apr 2013
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    You could always play with timing...for example, if you are using your bright lights to sort of blind the patrons so they can't see what's coming, you could try total dark, quick flash of light or sound to distract in one direction, followed by a very quick scare from the other side. And I've also found that having multiple small scares in an area allows you to "skip" a scare here and there and hit them with another. So one group might get hit by an actor jumping from above near the exit of a room, another group might get hit by a drop panel at the beginning, and other groups may get both.

    All in all, I always feel that the expectation of a scare can be extremely unsettling...resulting in the perfect setup for the next scare. So having flexible options allows the scare to move and still keep people a little off balance.

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    Oct 2011
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    You can use free software like SketchUp to build your new sets and pre-visualize your attraction before you ever really have to build anything. This could give you the maximum chance to find the perfect "spot" or "tactic" because you will have already worked out the kinks digitally. You can use the free downloads from http://www.hauntdesignkit.com to help you set it up.

    >Download free Google SketchUp collections made just for haunt owners and designers.

    Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HauntDesignKit

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    How do you turn that 3d sketch up into a 3D virtual walkthrough.

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