Haunted Design Kit Announces Top 10 Haunts.
Haunt Design Announces its choices for the Best Designed Haunted Attractions

Lexington, Kentucky (October 31st 2013) - Haunted house design website, Haunt Design officially announces its picks for the best designed haunted attractions in the USA.

“Everybody and every media outlet has their lists for the scariest or ‘best’ haunts in the country, but we wanted to something different” says website creator Tyler Barnett. “Our focus is the design aspect of the we’re awarding what we consider to be the best designed shows in the industry.”

Haunt Design took into consideration many different aspects of the haunts they visited. Areas of consideration included: Overall design, attraction layout, flow, scenic treatments and how well the design stuck with the themes of the attractions.

“We visited every haunt that made our list; sometimes in secret,” Barnett says. “We wanted to catch the haunts off guard and not announce to them we were coming. We paid full ticket price and waited in the lines just like an average customer. We wanted the full experience…we feel that allowed us to make the best decision on our top 10 list!”

So, the Top 10 Best Designed Haunted Attractions in the US as chosen by are as follows:

10. Bennets Curse – Jessup, Maryland
9. House of Horrors – Buffalo, New York
8. Haunted Overload – Lee, New Hampshire
7. The Dent Schoolhouse – Cincinnati, Ohio
6. The Scarehouse – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
5. Netherworld – Atlanta, Geogria
4. House of Torment – Austin, Texas
3. House of Shock - New Orleans, Louisiana
2. The 13th Gate – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
1. Halloween Horror Nights – Orlando, Florida

These attractions are what we consider to be the very best at what they do. From a design aspect, each attraction offers the very best in creative design, scenic treatments and all stick to their respective themes very well. A lot of these haunts actually employ scenic designers and artist to help create their haunted worlds. Congratulations to all the haunts that made the list.

Tyler Barnett / Haunt Design