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Thread: Best Projector

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    Nov 2007
    I was curious to know what type of projector people are using for their video effects?
    I know AtmosfearFX recommends using a projector with at least 2000 lumens...Any input on make/model projector is very much appreciated!


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    Jul 2010
    Projectors can be tricky- they really depend on the application, particularly the distance you are projecting. Somewhere out there is an AV site that has a neat database of all projectors and their picture size vs distance of projection, along with all the other vital stats. Sorry I don't have the link here, at home.

    2000 is pretty bright for an interior haunt- your going to get a lot of light pollution splashing around lighting up other things, but not if its, say from inside a house, projecting on a window.

    Anything 200 or less is going to have a very limited use, but might be ok for projecting worms on a plate or toilet- depending on the projection distance and placement.

    We have 3 viewsonic PJD2121 short throws inside working as eye candy and distractions and I like them a lot. I think they are 500 lumen and I still have to turn the brightness down to keep the light pollution down.
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