Sadly yes...

unless you are in a giant market where you can well not have to worry about people who can't afford a high priced ticket because there are so many people out there on top of those people to make up for it then you got an issue.

Atlanta, Philly, New York, LA, Chicago and markets like those have giant markets so they should be able to weather almost any storm but the mid markets and lower have to really consider price.

Back in the day when we heavy discounted we could reach almost 50k at the Darkness, but now we do less coupons and the ticket price is twice the price the attendance drops huge... Our attendance has dropped each year since 2010 and guess what we raised the price. Yes we also had the Cardinals but raising the price plays a huge factor as well I see that now clearly.

I do believe there is a point where haunters myself included got way to greedy... we believe these attractions are more popular than they really are. They are popular but not that popular... if one year we all went away hardly no one would notice or care. So at this point I have to strongly look at ticket prices, discounting at maybe a way to raise attendance.

But to answer the question yes the prices are going beyond what people are actually willing or wanting to pay.