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Thread: Lets Talk Actors!!!!!

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  1. Default Lets Talk Actors!!!!! 
    Join Date
    Mar 2013
    Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

  2. Default Ravens Grin Inn-"Acting" 
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Entering the 27th year of having my haunt open for almost every night for 27 years.
    Last night ten vict,.er customers showed up here, only one of them had been here before but that was 10 years ago!?
    (Am I doing something So Right or So Wrong that they don't pay a return visit sooner than that? Or am I doing something Right because they remember it and do eventually come back for more?)
    Acting last night was very typical for me here. I sold them tickets, I opened the door, seated them, then told them about the haunted history of this old inn (Yes, it has an actual, true history of such things)
    I illustrate the show I put on with various voices and mannerisms , operating devices all around the room to affect the effects which can make for fun for all in the little audience.
    I lead them through seven levels of house through various devices and architecture high above floor level to well below floor level, all the while controling them, whether they realise this or not!
    90 minutes or more, their show is completed, they leave smiling and happy with some grateful to still be almost alive.
    My Facebook post today told about how these strangers all had so much odd fun seeing one another through the imagined and real perils of last night.
    My personally most rerwarding nights here will always be when some customers begin asking me to "Stop!" "Stop making me laugh so much,my face hurts from smiling and laughing!"
    Of course this is the one time I will not stop. I guess I'm just a saddist?
    The title of your post was (in part) Lets Talk Actors, so I talked.
    ----Jim Warfield
    Ravens Grin Inn
    Mount Carroll, Illinois.

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