Man this guys seemed one of the cool grounded Hollywood stars and he's gone as fast and as furious as his movies... a quick car wreck just 100 feet from his car shop. It really goes show to show that you can be here one minute and gone the next ... one of the reasons to do everything you can TODAY because you never know about tomorrow.

So many of the cool young actors are gone like Heath Ledger... right when you start to know them they are gone.

BTW... I was at IAAPA and our booth was right next to an airbrush make up booth and the Wolf brothers where there air brushing and I got to speak to Brian's brother about his passing. His brother said he fought the cancer really hard and lived a lot longer than they had given him... he said they where about to go to Germany to do an airbrush event, and Brian started to experience some pain but like a trooper went and did the show in Europe. Once he returned he visited the doctor and found out he had stage 4 cancer... right up until the end continue to get treatment. He mentioned that all the donations from the haunt industry helped his family. He said Brian was able to pay off several bills and things like that so his wife and kids would not be left with bills they couldn't pay in addition to a lot of medical bills. I want to say that he said donations exceeded $100,000.00. He said their entire family was very grateful to the haunt industry and now he must go it alone ... he was saying he really misses his brother but will continue on their business. It was a very touching conversation.

Again you just never know... do what you love while you are still around to do it!