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Thread: Hauntworld.com Finder Changes 2014

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  1. Default Hauntworld.com Finder Changes 2014 
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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    This will be an ongoing thread as we get updates ready I'll share them. Just to remind everyone Hauntworld.com is now clearly the biggest haunt website in the WORLD attracting over 10 million visitors. We got so much traffic I had to get a second server, I had to pay programmers tons of money to mirror images for the cloud. We allow you to add so much content it cost me thousands upon thousands to keep the site up and running... we need more revenue to do the things I want to do for you!

    I'm creating new aps, ticketing programs, a review feature utilizing twitter, and we are going to give you the ability to create a website within a website and get a URL for your page... in other words you'll be able to say get thedarkness.hauntworld.com once that goes LIVE you'll have seconds to snatch up YOUR URL and YOUR NAME!

    These new features will be awesome...

    We are changing many policies such as we will no longer allow free listings on the site... with exception of home haunts and charity haunts. Those types of attractions will be listed on a special page on the site. There also will not be three pages of listings there will only be two... featured first page listings and second page standard listings. Second page standard listings will cost $79.95 and will include a free subscription to Hauntworld Magazine, and the ability for you to create a website within Hauntworld.com. Every user will be able to create multiple pages for all your information, sell tickets and much more. But we can't host all the traffic, images, and everything anymore without the haunts who pay nothing to pay something. We expect to lose some listings but those on the site will get more traffic because they won't have to weed through un-updated listings any longer.

    $79.95 isn't much to pay for an entire year and it comes with a FREE subscription to the magazine... once you pay the fee its annual so you only pay once a year. Your profile then will allow you all kinds of cool features to promote your haunt and your haunt will move up to the second page. We will also have a new feature so instead of your listing being at the bottom once someone shares their location the listings will arrange by location rather than trackbacks. So there are all sorts of benefits in doing it this way...

    Home haunts and Charity haunts will still be allowed free listings however if you create a listing and list your event as CHARITY or HOME HAUNT it will show that across the top of your profile...

    As I get screen shots of the new layouts you'll understand better. More updates coming soon!


    PS: Some of the smallest states this will not apply to such as lets say Wyoming or Alaska blah, blah.

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    Oct 2007
    Just thinking out loud, but why would someone want a hauntworld website for their haunt instead of pushing then to their own website to increase their own stats? This serves hauntworld more than for the haunters, right?

    If I owned spookyhaunt.com I'd rather have people go to spookyhaunt.com than to send them to hauntworld.com/spookyhaunt


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    Dec 2013
    Seattle, WA
    Really looking forward to the new updates. More clarity and ease of use is always a good thing.

    I am new to the industry, but I can definitely see the value in being able to maintain a customisable web presence on what seems to be the biggest booster for the industry. I think it would be safe to assume that this would increase SEO and actually drive traffic to your specific site. Being able to somewhat control the content and appearance of your mini site also strikes me as a good way to mitigate some of the random and negative aspects of services like Yelp. Any area where I can have more control is a positive in my eyes. Folks are going to be going to HauntWorld regardless, so the ability to put your best foot forward is great (especially when haunt -goers can view all the competition in the same place)

    I mentioned some of the negatives of Yelp, but that being said, it would be nice to see an easier and cleaner way for haunt goers to interact with a particular haunt. For starters. how about making the rating system a little less esoteric. Instead of five different metrics, how about just "Value" and "Overall Scare-factor" or something like that. Just a thought. BTW, this kind of sounds like a sales pitch for HauntWorld. Sorry, its just the first thing that popped in my head, and I could be way off base. As I said, I'm new, go easy on me

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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO

    Good question... let me explain my answer.

    1) I'm not saying anyone give up their own website. However there are many haunts in this industry who can't build a website, can't create cool applications or update them. Also think about all the home haunts, charity haunts they could create and have their website hosted on this site and be able to do anything they wanted but on a much higher level. They will also be able to sell tickets in a flash... I'm creating an online ticketing system that will WORK and it will be FREE to use! So there are tons of benefits especially for the smaller haunters

    2) You can have your own website you can promote your own website but you can still create a website on this site for the traffic we have here... you don't have to give up your site by any means. You do have that option if you'd like... but I'm not expecting anyone to give up their sites for their site on Hauntworld.com that is only YOUR option.

    3) With the custom URL's ... even if you are not concerned about having Hauntworld replace your website still doesn't matter you want to claim your name because there will be huge things happening around here this year. HUGE... I can't say what now but I'm working to triple my traffic... so you want your haunts custom URL.


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    Jul 2005
    Cincinnati, OH
    Larry, people just want a site that isn't cluttered, is easy to navigate and where they can find some local haunts. They couldn't care less about the bells and whistles. Most people who come to the site are just overwhelmed because there's so much on the homepage. The website needs be simplified because it's really out of control with how much unnecessary content there is.
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    Aug 2003
    I think Noah has a point here.
    But if you want to verify if you think this is the case check the stats to see how long your visitors are sticking around.
    And just poll your Hauntworld audience.
    I am sure most would be willing to tell you anonymously if they think Hauntworld is too cluttered.

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