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Thread: How did the Christmas haunt shows go?

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  1. Default How did the Christmas haunt shows go? 
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    There were several that were open this past weekend, how'd it go?
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    I attended the 13th Door in Portland, Oregon. I think they did a pretty good job. They had Krampus out front, patrons could get their pictures taken with him. It wasn't very crowded, but we showed up fairly early in the evening. According to the management the event was a success and they will be doing it again next year.

    I think it's a great alternative to other Xmas events, but it's still a relatively new concept. I think once folks become more aware, it could be a super fun (and profitable!) tradition.

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    We were open the 13th and 14th. We had a line from start to finish on Friday, but Saturday night was pretty slow. The weather was an issue Saturday. Forecasters were predicting ice and snow Saturday night, which did happen just about the time we opened.

    We had a radio station there on Friday night and that really helped.

    It was amazing how many people approached us each night thanking us for opening and complimenting us on the haunt. Some came back on Saturday night with more friends.

    We had trouble getting actors too. Some of our actors perform in holiday theatrical productions and several sing in choirs. Some were attending holiday parties and a few were afraid to drive on the snow covered roads. We had enough to staff it, but it was a challenge. It was expensive to heat the building and the permit cost for two nights was $1000.

    Some people had attended our haunt in October and several told us they didn’t visit in October and were grateful we were open now so they could see our attraction. We had people drive several hours to get here. Haunt owners/actors attended from five haunts too. Many of them said they’d be back next year with more of their staff.

    We’ll definitely open again next December. Not sure which nights, we might wait and open the weekend after Christmas.

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    Thanks for sharing that information. You know for me I wouldn't do it simply because well for one I have my haunt half torn apart right now but also because I'm not going to open for a few hundred people seems like a lot of work to get everything in working order, working on whatever marketing you do do and finally getting all the actors back. My hat is off to those who did it and had a great time... just consider me to lazy to attempt it. At least I can admit I'm to lazy. LOL


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