They cost from $29.00 to $39.00 for the solar collector /battery and three die cast metal spot lights. They work very nicely from just a few hours of sunshine and usually are still bright by 12midnight, our closing time.
They give off a white-light which looks surreal (Just what I want!)
They come out of their box with die-cast metal points to fasten the light to,(For ground-insertion) which I trimmed so they would fit into a one -inch steel conduit/bracket and I ran the tiny low-voltage wires through conduit too.
They illuminate my backyard Tower, the Pteradactyl on the South side of the house and the cupola on the roof.
They turn off and on automatically and this sensitivity of their controls seems to be very accurate as far as being on when they should be on, ex cetra.
I have a set of three on each one of the items I mentioned here with a spare set besides, 4 sets of three , total.
I do have to scoop some snow out of the lights on the "Bird" and "Tower" because those lights had to be pointed more sharply "up", the cupola did not, so they are self-cleaning of snow.(Because snow can't get into them hardly at all! )