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Thread: Ceiling height

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  1. Default Ceiling height 
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    Jul 2010
    Hartford CT
    Curious what person's haunt ceiling heights are and if your builds ever get close to it?

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    May 2007
    Columbia, SC
    Our building is unique in the fact we have an add-on. The original portion of the building has a drop ceiling at the height of about 10'. Panels are the standard 8' with a 2ft addition added to the tops of panels when and where needed. On the other hand, the new portion of the building that was built does NOT have the drop ceiling so it's somewhere near 20'. Every year I switch up the theme and typically I tailor the front part of the haunt (10') to ideas that naturally have lower ceilings and the same for the back half (20'). Ex. being two years ago when we did a factory theme, the front portion was mostly offices and such but the taller sections were boiler rooms, sections with bridged areas that could utilize the higher ceiling and we even have a "second level" that guests don't have access to but an actor can stand up there and interact from a height. We've dropped barrels from heights and even have had actor ziplines. Having both ceiling heights has been a fortuitous accident!
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    You shouldn't be in a building where that's a concern. If your walls are too close to the ceiling of the building you're in, (atleast in CT but I believe it's standard), you cannot have any obstruction of sprinklers, meaning there must be a vertical height of almost three feet (it's actually listed in inches but I don't remember the real number). So for example, 8' wall height in a sprinklered building means your minimum ceiling height needs to be approximately 11'. Higher if you have fixtures or anything going above the height of your wall.

    However, low ceiling height is terrible anyway and totally bad for building....I can't remember the amount of times I've had to jump ontop of my walls and walk along them to put up electrical, run air, etc. I can't picture myself having a haunt in a building with anything less than 25' ceiling heights.

    Next year, I'm moving entirely outside, all three of my attractions are going outdoors. We've outgrown the building on our lot and will be filling something like 10 acres just in haunt space.
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