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Thread: Hand made Gore Bucket Topper

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  1. Default Hand made Gore Bucket Topper 
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    Nov 2011
    Hey guys. Been working on my masks and hit a stand still issue. So I went back to working on props.

    I was commissioned to do a bucket topper and since getting that job done I had been getting requests. Apparently a lot of folks around here are really liking it. I'm just starting up and trying to make some forward motion. I have a mold for these and can make as many as I need to.

    They are $60 Shipped. Made of foam and come in Fresh Kill (bloody) at this time. Thinking about doing a different paint such as Decayed. And of course, the bucket isn't included. I'm trying to keep the price fair because I know it's not as high of quality as say what Gore Galore has. But it's a good quality of foam. My original sculpt may not be as nice, but I think I did alright with it.

    If you would like one, message me or send paypal. hauntedparagould@yahoo.com . I just landed my first large order to a local store, so somebody likes them!

    Bucket Topper A1.jpg
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  2. Default I just don't know what to think! 
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    Aug 2003
    Of course somebody likes them, they are a great idea.
    GORE GALORE's IDEA!!!! LOL. That is why we have a whole line of them. It is not just a prop. It is a prop with a purpose. No vendor had made barrel toppers before we did that I know of so it really feels like our idea.
    Sorry I am even posting on your thread, but you even bring up the name of my company. I know you are not being nasty. but it still feels disrespectful, especially when you order from us, and what's worse talk about ordering more.
    OH, and what's worse. I go to your facebook page and I see you also knock off our "fried eggs and sam" prop. And what is worse is even the composition is the same. SO, rather than taking an idea and running with the concept, you copy it exactly as is. I am sorry to tell you but this is horrible business practice.

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
    I actually like it when a home haunter uses the ideas, They are not out to make a buck off the idea. They just want to be creative. but it always tweaks my shorts when a vendor can't be original enough to come up with their own concepts.
    And if you have NOT figured it out yet. Being original is the secret to not only having the greatest pride in what you do, but also success. Just copying others work just puts people out of business. Just ask the couple companies that have copied our giant costumes over the last couple years. They always accused me of bashing them, but I never did anything. The buyers expressed their disdain for their actions and just didn't order from them. SO, their lack of success was squarely on their shoulders.

    Come on man, this is a blatant rip. I am not saying you are TRYING to do anything wrong, or being nasty about it. But atleast have a little respect for other vendors and for yourself by not copying what others are doing. But even worse is you set the price so low to undercut our price to make more sales, but what you don't realize is you are also making NO money on them. You are NOT calculating your time + materials + overhead + profit. You are most likely loosing money on them.

    And I posted a couple pics of the bucket toppers. remember we also do barrel toppers.

    Just no respect!!!!!!!!!
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  3. Default What you are doing is illegal 
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    Mar 2004
    Minneapolis, MN
    Mr. "Frightener",

    You are illegally infringing on the copyrights of FrightProps, LLC by making exact copies of at least two of our products. We demand that you immediately cease selling those products and destroy all copies.
    We will be requesting that the owner of this message board remove your postings that advertise these products and will further request that you be banned.
    We do not take this matter lightly and will escalate to whatever level is necessary.

    The following are some examples of your copyright infringement:






    Doug Anderson
    President / FrightProps, LLC

  4. Default  
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    Nov 2011
    Well, let me say something. Instead of being cool about it and realizing that you created a trend and possibly sending me a PM instead of this.. well hmm.

    Let's see. I didn't make COPIES. I modified existing props that I had gotten from frightprops and other used ones from another haunt. If there was a law that was that strict, we wouldn't be able to sell ANY of them used or preowned. I repainted and added fur. If I were to order them and had them drop shipped I could sell them under my business name. Hell people do it all the time. Frightprops has items that are made by other people and yet, you never see their name anywhere on the site.

    So you made the first bucket topper, and now mad cus someone else is making them. An obviously lesser quality at a cheaper price, perhaps for the haunts that don't make that much money, cus lets face it. You guys are a clan and constantly talk about how LITTLE MONEY YOU REALLY MAKE.. right? B/s.

    So, how about that. Let's see, do you think that everyone else that created something, like the first automobile, or the first person to sell garbage bags with faces on it, or how about a tomato slicer. Do you think they all got butt hurt over the fact that eventually someone else made a product that did the same thing? And guess what, they're still out there.

    The way I saw it, was everyone makes gore. Severed heads, gore piles etc... all so very similar it's ridiculous. Look at all the severed limbs, all the same. So, tell me, where IS the line at? Please do tell me? What makes GG so different from the status quo of the world? What makes GG or the haunt industry SO DIFFERENT from the rest of the world, that no one at all can make a product such as a bucket topper, with a skull and some bones, looks NOTHING like the great product GG made? So, is it that, if you create something new that no one's seen, in today's age that it should never be done again?

    Ok, I apologize about the Green Eggs & Sam. I had a friend want one, he's in a wheel chair, disability checks barely pays the rent. He's a kid. So I thought "if there was a more affordable one like that.. " So I make him one. only intended to make him that one. Everyone went nuts. I showed them GG's and they said "Doesn't matter, they can't be the only ones to make something" So I thought well I can make a more affordable one. My mistake.

    Frightprops stuff. I have 6 cats left and 3 boar heads. All of which are old, have holes in them, stuff spilled on them etc. I tell you what. I'll burn the shlt. God forbid someone add stuff to your items and resell them.

    Not that you care, but let me tell you something. I was homeless. Living in my SUV for 5 fucking months. I lost yet another job, why? Because someone on topix talked about how they had a homeless guy delivering their pizza. Yes I drove pizzas. went from having everything to NOTHING. I took $50 I had and made a gift for someone. And so someone wanted to buy one. And another. And another. Then I find a local haunt that went out of business and sold me some stuff. Was a hillbilly, deliverance type haunt. Lots of stuff. That added to what few items I had in storage from our haunt.

    If I meant harm, I'd just made molds of the crap I had and sold them AS SUCH... "Fright Props cat for sale".... etc. But no, I didn't. But I may as well have it looks like.

    I apologize for the Green Eggs & Sam. I'll break the mold and toss it. I do NOT apologize for the bucket topper and adding fur to a cat that I had several of, and NOT making copies of.

    Guess I'll just find something else to make, you know, other than decayed skeletons, severed heads and limbs, puke piles, Oh wait, I may as well not make masks either cus SOMEONE out there's gonna have one similar and it's latex. Someone made a latex mask so I probably shouldn't make one.

    When you create something new and it's cool. Eventually someone's going to do similar. It's the way of the industrial world. I bet if the manufacturers that make and sell stuff like you see at walmart knew about your stuff, they'd make it too. If it wasn't me with the skillet thing, then someone will. Bet your ass on it.

  5. Default  
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    Nov 2011
    Fright props, go right ahead. You're only assuming I made copies. No one copied your product. These are YOUR PRODUCTS.... (which are made in mexico by the way, way to keep jobs here in america)

    Sue me. Send the feds to my house, you'll not find a mold of your products anywhere. I have a few of your products left but guess what? I'll destroy them. I'd rather burn them sons of bltches because you're just accusing me of things you assume I'm doing.

    It's not illegal to sell used copies of stuff is it? So I repainted them and added fur. Hell you guys sell stuff that come from other people as well, right on your site, but never once advertise who's they are. I bought one It came in with a manufacturer's tag on it. But you couldn't tell that from the site.

  6. Default  
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    But I can't leave your response without calling you out on your personal justifications.
    Please stop making excuses, and why are you so angry?
    Because somebody called you out on your poor business practices.
    You did what you did and it is a fact. So, just own it and grow up.
    And I thought you had a little respect for myself and my company.
    I am sorry I was wrong.

  7. Default  
    Join Date
    Nov 2011
    Well, I did.

    Until I realized that you are going to beat up anyone that makes a product similar to yours. Do you really think that you're going to stay the only one making something that was new? That's stupid. That's like anyone who created an old man silicone mask should be hounded because someone made it first.

    Just as I said. It's like anything else. There's always the first. I also set my price low because I even said it wasn't as good as GG's. Want the best, buy GG's. Don't have the money? .... If they don't have $140 to buy yours and pay for shipping, taxes etc.. then guess what? I didn't take a sale from you.

    I'm not "Trying to make a buck" .. there's a difference between trying to get back on your feet and trying for an easy dollar.

    Please, Larry, ban my account.

    And to be frank, I even inquired about jobs like GG and some mask maker's companies... I was treated like a child or something. Spoke very professional and was sincere and people acted like I didn't deserve to be even talked to and they didn't even know me. Angry? Yeah, just a bit. I could've easily just copied stuff and sold it as a GG or FP product, but I didn't. I apologized about the eggs.

    So let's leave that out. I modified existing items THAT WERE PURCHASED RETAIL... but I bought them $5 each. I end up with a small stockpile and I modify them and sell them. Sorry, don't see anything wrong with that. No different than a hotrodder buying a camaro, repainting it and adding wheels and tires and reselling.

    So we have the bucket topper. HOL E COW, lol. You think you're god's or deserve to be an excuse to the rule. My product is WAY more different, so much so that no infringement law would touch it. I believe on products like this it's 15% difference. But so what, you're going to complain on everything anyone makes that even closely resembles your stuff.

    With you saying that about the large costumes, I bet you probably throw a tantrum anytime someone makes an oversized costume with a moveable head huh.

    How about nasty plates of food, because you're doing that if anyone makes ANYTHING for a kitchen you're going to cry to them too? Like I said, this is b/s. The only wrong I see I did was the eggs, I apologized and already broke the mold.

    Respect was lost when you chose to cry instead of send a PM about it saying "Hey man, I understand you're new etc, but we feel like you're copying our stuff and honestly you're cutting yourself short, you're not making any real money on that anyways. It bothers us and we'd like to see if we can settle this matter civil like.. etc etc. "

  8. Default  
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    Aug 2003
    This will be my last response on this thread.
    We are just going around in circles and getting no where so I will not waste anymore time with it.
    You did wrong and know it. That is why you keep justifying your actions and coming off so angry.
    I don't have to say anything other than you copied our fried eggs and sam. Same composition. And you excuse it because it was for a wheelchair bound person. But then it didn't end there. You went ahead and decided to start selling them. That is why you keep apologizing for it.
    And you should apologize.
    My posts were very respectful.
    I even explained to you how to be successful as a vendor. and rather than learning from it, You are just justifying your actions.

    Just because others choose to rip off ideas is not an excuse for you to do the same. You should be holding yourself up to a higher standard.
    Like I said, what makes this even worse for me is that I know you. And you still choose to copy our products.

  9. Default  
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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    This industry if full of copy cats, cheaters, and people who rip off someone elses idea's copy them re-sell or claim something they sell was their idea... I can't tell you how many people in this industry run around playing off something was their idea when it wasn't!!!!! One company specifically has taken my idea's and made a ton of money with them... we won't go into that.

    The reality is that to a degree you are correct that no one has the rights to make gory props and spring out animations, or whatever all that stuff is on the table. Really when it comes to a zombie for example there are so many out there its hard to tell them apart. So yeah I get it and you are correct... a dead dog, a cat, a pile of heads whatever all fair game.

    I think the issue is when someone takes something someone else made and molds it which is easy to do then tries to re-sell that as their own. That is wrong!

    We have several haunters in this industry stealing digital fx and re-selling, coping dvd's and well molding other peoples props and re-selling.

    This type of activity should be brought to the attention of the industry and be warned... I don't know that is what you are or aren't doing but if you are it is wrong.

    If you are buying a product from a vendor and repainting enhancing or something and reselling that is another thing... have you molded anyone's props for resale?


  10. Default  
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    Mar 2012

    Here is some advice from someone who was a witness of a animatronic suit and won.

    Yes, frightprops sells other vendors items - heres the catch - pay attention ....They sell with the creators "PERMISSION".

    You do not have permission.

    You can absolutely make your own bucket of gore as long as its your own design of gore, skull and bones.
    It needs to be 100% your creation , not someone elses skull, not someone elses bones and put them together to make your prop.
    You will lose the suit if it gets that far and I can tell you this..... your replies here on this site....in court will put you in a differewnt category in the courts eyes as delibertly with malice which would tripple the cost against you.

    Infact, The law states in situations like this.....that the damages begin at 250,000.00 for each infridgement. Look it up....

    Scuplt your own stuff or hire someone else to scuplt a original idea and your good to go.....


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