Do you own a distressed haunted house, meaning no matter how hard you try no matter what you do you can't seem to compete with your competition? Are you a haunt that can't seem to make money or need a lot of help? We are interested in working with YOU NOW... you can partner with US and we'll help you transform your haunted house into The Darkness. We want to build The Darkness haunted houses in major cities across the US. We can help turn around your business by partnering with The Darkness and have the biggest, baddest haunt crew in America transform your business quickly.

We are going to be featured on a national TV show doing this transformations ... contact me today and let me know your interest. Before you know it we'll fix your marketing, we'll make your haunt the best one in your town, and we'll help you become one of the biggest haunters in the industry just like that. It doesn't matter if your attraction is an indoor warehouse style or an outdoor screampark. Now keep in mind don't bother contacting me if you are not prepared to go the distance, if you are not ready to do everything it takes to succeed because I can't work with people who aren't ready to make it happen! Do you want to make it work then call me and we'll make magic happen!

This is something new we are doing and we can only help a handful of haunts per year... so get in touch NOW! There will be an ad in the next hauntworld magazine promoting the same... all of this will be on a new reality TV show. We can also be hired to build out your haunt, renovate your haunt, or simply help YOU turn it around.

Contact me today! Larry 314 504 3970