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Thread: Yet another Contact Lenses thread

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  1. Default Yet another Contact Lenses thread 
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    I'm not sure I'm qualified to answer the question but I'll give it a shot. To answer the question, I'd say no. Seems pretty self explanatory like you've answered your own question.

    Contact lenses, like glasses, (and prescription meds) are tailored to the individual for which will be using them. That's why eye exams are now required even if they are plano lenses. So if you are buying contacts under the guise of fitting your eyes and giving them to someone else, that's akin to giving someone else your prescription medicine. I don't know any (reputable) contact lens dealer that will now sell without a prescription by a licensed eye doctor. Pretty much the law as I understand it. If you're looking to circumvent the law then, good luck is all I can say.

    It seems as though you are willing to pay for lenses so why not just send your actor(s) to the eye doctor and pickup the tab for the lenses and $99 eye exam. Unless of course, you're trying to get out of paying for the eye exam in which case I'd say don't do it. A person's vision is not something you want to potentially screw up. Your willingness to go against current laws could land you with a potentially blind employee and a massive lawsuit, but if that's what you're after, then by all means...proceed.
    Lee D. Sanders

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    Very well said Lee; I couldn't agree more. Not that the government makes all the right decisions in regulations and decisions, there certainly has been warnings about low quality lenses making their way into the states from overseas. I, too, find this far too risky to even recommend any brand to my actors let alone provide them. Pre- haunt season I explain clearly to my cast about the risks associated with purchasing lenses from some website or store shelf. The proper way IS to get an exam and a script. I love and appreciate my eyesight and I will never jeopardize this gift nor that of anyone else.

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