Several of you have emailed previously asking if you could by this domain.

This hot domain name (HAUNTPASS.COM) is up for private auction via email for ONE WEEK ONLY. The highest bidder by Friday, July 06, 2007 will be the new owner of this domain.

Please send your bid to Starting bid is $50.

There has been much talk of individuals (or even associations) wanting to launch a new competitor to the scream pass service. This would be the domain to do it from. It would also be great just for building a ticket sales portal for your own haunt, or for your local haunt cooperative marketing group. It is immediately memorable and marketable.

This sale will be considered final. Funds must be received via PayPal within 24 hours of auction end. You will be required to create an account (if you do not have one already) with GoDaddy domain name registrar so that ownership of this domain can be seamlessly transferred to you.

This domain is being offered by a private seller who wishes to remain anonymous due to the volatility of the industry. Please do not send messages asking the seller's identity; these requests will not be acknowledged.

Your bid must include:

Your name
Your company's name
The amount you are bidding
Your contact email and phone

Without this information, your bid will not be considered.

We will email nightly with auction updates (with names removed for privacy) to all who have bid already. You may bid once per day.

In the event that you bid the same amount as another person, the bid that was received first will be considered the high bid.

Good luck, and happy bidding!