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Thread: Home Haunt Help

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    Hi I'm Zach of Out-There Entertainment (that's just what we call ourselves). This year me and my friends have really wanted to step forward in our home haunt. Last year we did a small one for the local boy scout troop in their Spook-O-Ree and that worked out ok. It was small and not that scary.
    This year we have four days in the old town hall and we get the whole upstairs for our haunt. It's like a open warehouse thats 25 feet wide and 35 feet long. That's over 850 sq. feet to fill which is kind of a head scratcher. Anyways we have a few wall segments from last year which we want to expand on to. Since we have around the lowest budget on the planet I really need some help finding and building things that are inexpensive.
    Right now I have (1 light-o-rama 16 channel light controller)(1 Kit74)(1 input kit)(frightmare forest basic edition)(3 48'' blacklights)(and enough walls to cover around 150-200 sq ft.
    What I am looking for is mat switches (for automated haunts)and advice or links on how to do blacklight paintings for my haunt.
    All help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Since you have the top of Town Hall, I would first try to expand it to a charity haunt. At the end, a percentage of the funds will go to a select charity.

    Second, I would hit your local halloween stores(Halloween USA, Halloween Express, ect) and see if they would be interested in a sponsorship of your haunt. If it is for charity or for a cause other than self profit, they would be alot more willing in helping out.

    As for the walls, black plastic is the easiest and cheapest way to go. Walmart has rolls of 10'x25' for $7! If you look in their lighting department, they also would have black lights dirt cheap. The same with strobes.
    www.qvc.com has complete fog machine kits for $30.
    www.ebay.com is a very good source for some props. You can get many things for under $5, plus shipping.
    www.buycostumes.com has good deals on masks and spiritgum.
    www.frightcatalog.com also does alot of specials.
    Finally, www.hauntproject.com is great for how-to's.

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    A lot of times people overlook the Security Alarm Industry, you can find floor mats pretty cheap.
    David P. Buras

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    thanks guys really like the help. My partner also said look a security stores. I also justed picked up a IR beam sensor for like 30 at Do It Again Electronics. But again thanks.

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