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Thread: This Was Very Different.

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  1. Default This Was Very Different. 
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Late last night I had just laid down to go to sleep for the night. I laid there becoming more and more comfortable.. my mind was truly "Blank" not one single distracting thought in my consciousness, no thinking any "What-Ifs?" No thinking about the recent past , good or bad, not planning anything , there i was a very clear but empty piece of all-ready, should be asleep within a few seconds frame of mind. I wasn't moving, flat on my back, i hadn't moved in quite some time, Very at peace....then... POP! Very close to my right side of my head, or so it seemed?
    I was fully awake now!
    "What in the world?"
    I laid there trying to figure this out, if possible?
    No other such sounds or even any sounds were to be heard from any direction from anything. (This old house and with it's location can be VERY QUIET most nights or the year , this late at night.)
    The only conclusion i could find was that some portion of my brain was not almost asleep and i somehow imagined this?
    Why would I have?
    I have never had something like this happen .
    As I just kept laying there , no more such sounds happened.I have no explainantion for this.. except it was my imagination, or something close to it? It hadn't scared me .
    There is no physical object that i know of that could have made this sound or ever could have made this POP sound as far as I can determine.
    When it happened, I had been laying very still for a long time, and then continued laying very still, and it had only happened that one time?
    Why would some unconcious portion of my mind think that it had to create such a sound for any reason?
    Still a mystery 24 hours later.
    "Supernatural?" Such things HAVE happened in this same room.
    Actually that room is the most "Haunted" room in this entire house, as far as the number of things that have happened in it over the 27 years I have owned it.
    Right now i still feel it has a rational explanation but that explanation defies me for now,Thank you for reading this, if you did.
    any ideas?

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    Apr 2014
    Holdrege Ne
    Is it possible the sound actually came from not beside your head but from your ear? The bones in the ear that vibrate to create 'hearing' can at times slip. this can cause a popping sound to the person but it cant be heard by others. This can even produce vertigo in some people.
    I worked in PT for 20 years and worked with many vertigo patients. Just a thought,

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    Dec 2014
    Orem, Utah, United States
    Or, you're just confirming to yourself what the rest of us already knew, you're one crazy S.O.B.
    Tanner Phillips
    The Darkest Hour

  4. Default So, your screwdriver.. 
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Was left laid out in the Sun too long?
    i have worked long and hard to create such a goof-ball image and i play up to that every chance I get, which often makes it very simple and low-energy for me to frighten some people, because this is MY HOUSE! they are "Prisoners" in MY HOUSE! My house is filled with strange one-of-a-kind items and devices. I also have hours of true stories concerning the scariness of this house from former renters here and people who have been through the house. Most recently a woman told me the first time she was here as she was seated alone in the wine Cellar, she felt what seemed to be someone's hand running across her lower back. She was sitting on a bench alone, a solid rock wall was right behind her.
    Her hHusband was here years ago and he saw the resident ghost here since 1925, a woman in a long, white dress, and long, dark hair float above him (The ceiling is 12 foot high, and then float up through the 11 inch by 11 inch vent hole in the middle of the stone-areched ceiling.
    Some will be really, deeply scared if something like this happens to them,so i always try to incorporate as much humor in my speeches here as humanly possible.

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