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Thread: Long time haunt is no more

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  1. Default Long time haunt is no more 
    I just read the sad new today about the first haunt I ever worked for. For 13 years I worked at Mutilation Mansion, a Michigan Jaycee haunted house. It was the oldest consecutively running haunt in the state. I have a lot of great memories from those years and although I have been on my own for the last 7 years I still have a lot of friends from those days. If it was not for my involvement with the Mansion, I never would have had any thought of opening my own haunt.

    If any of the MHJC's read these boards I want them to know how upset I was to hear the news and hope that you can rebound somehow next year. If there is anything I can do to assist, please let me know.

    Here is a link to the article:


    Howie "Slobber" Erlich
    Deadly Intentions Haunted House

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    Colorado Springs, CO

    Howie, I'm so sorry to hear that. Always makes me choke up a little...and makes me nostalgic, too. I started as a volunteer at Jaycee's haunts years ago and stuck with them for several years, until the two groups in town "fought to the death" and the haunt got lost somewhere in Jaycee limbo. Those were definitely fun years. I feel for ya.

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    Thanks SpFXChic,

    It is sad when a long time tradition disappears. They started in 1966 and ran every year since. This would have been their 40th anniversary. I started back with them 20 years ago. Back in the day we used to see huge crowds at this haunt (3 hour lines to get in). Keep in mind that my biggest budget I ever had for this project was only 11k. And the haunt was in a tiny shelter building only 920 sq. feet. We had 6 rooms and a small maze. But it only cost about 6 bucks to get in and we put on a Hell of a show for what we had. There is no question that it will be missed in the community. It was one of the last remaining "kid friendly" haunts in the area.

    It makes me feel good that every year I still get a few of the old timers that used to be involved come out to go through my haunt. They are proud of what I learned in my days with them and that I was able to open my own haunt which I had dreamed about doing all 13 years I was involved with them.

    I think they still have all the stuff to put the show up again in the future. I hope this is just a short reprieve for them and that they will one day soon reopen in a larger location.

    I wish them the best of luck!


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