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Thread: For Sale On Craigslist

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  1. Default For Sale On Craigslist 
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    Jul 2007
    Halloween Props, Masks, Posters, Figures and Tons More! - $600

    Reply to: sale-378657922@craigslist.org
    Date: 2007-07-20, 10:01PM CDT

    This is a collection of Halloween props, masks, lights, lava lamps, Jason X standup, Large Tales from the Crypt Crypt Keeper figure, Michael Myers bobblehead, Leatherface Hot Wheels truck, Chop Top Mini-Poster, Killer Klowns from Outer Space mini-poster, Halloween 3 mini-poster, Madam Laveux postes, Crow action figure, Leatherface action figure, Alice Cooper doll, Freddy and Jason headliners bendies, Scream Long Faced Mask, Rotting Ralph Mask, Horror Themed Marti-Gras Bead Necklaces, Black Cat Prop, Shocking Mirror prop, various weapon props, glowing pumpkin lights, trick or treat pail, spiders, dangling motion bone light, Ozzy figure, electric skull light, electric green swirl light, alien light, motion activied alien face, hannibal mask, official sized double sided movie posters and more for only $600. Some of these props and masks were used in an acutal haunted house attraction here in Houston. These items may not look scary in open light, but try it in the right Halloween atmosphere with the proper lighting.

    Some of retail value of this collection if broken down looks something like this.
    Some of the posters include
    Hannibal Lector Profile ( rare ) Texas Chainsaw Massacre : X London ( rare ) Subway Sized House of 1,000 Corpses ( rare ) Subspecies Puppet Master 4 Bad Channels ( rare ) The Crow Evil Dead 2 skull poster Evil Dead 2 poster The Exorcist closeup poster Van Helsing Devil's Rejects House of Wax double sided House of 1,000 Corpses double sided Wrong Turn double sided Amityville Horror double sided Halloween Michael and his knife Camp Crystal Lake The Grudge Monster House

    Some Suggested Retail Prices
    Autopsy Corpse : $199.00
    Bad Seed Creature Reacher Costume : Going on ebay for $159 - $349.
    Severed Head Illusion : $59 - $85
    Slipknot Mask : $49.99
    Rotting Ralph Mask : $49.99
    Scary Cat : $20
    Pig Mask : $49.99
    Long Scream Mask : $20
    Vampire Mask : $20
    Wolf Bat Mask : $20
    Great Skull w/yellow Eyes Mask : $15
    Franken Zombie Mask : $49.99
    Jack-O-Lantern Pile Light : $39.99
    Severed Arm : $29.99
    Severed Leg : $19.99
    Severed Foot : $19.99
    Freddy Mask : $10
    Green Skull : $12.99
    Alarming Products Severed Torso Prop : $79.99
    Sinister Doll ( custom made ) : $200

    Not including weapons, spiders, rats, jack-o-lanterns, bats, snakes, lava lamps, rope lights, strobe lights, movie posters, subway sized poster, horror figures, ( 3 ) Air-Zookas, skeleton parts, severed limbs, etc.

    There is a ton more ( that I haven't mentioned ) spread out in these pictures, so take a close look!

    You would normally spend about : $1,800.00 for all of this.

    This entire collection is only going for $600. This lot cannot be sold by individual items or traded for. I may throw in a couple extras.

    This is for pickup only as shipping could get expensive for the both of us. Please CASH ONLY! NO CERTIFIED CHECKS! There have been a lot of scams and fraud going on with craigslist. I've been a victim once and only once!

    Location: Manvel, Texas

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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    Everyone uses that Craigs list now!!!


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