Still have the 20' Frankenstein statue for sale. Asking $8,500, $3K more to convert to hooded, faceless Reaper would be wicked cool!

HERE'S THE NEW DEAL!!! Asking now only $6,000 PLUS free delivery within 500 miles of St Paul, MN Delivery will go up in increments of $300 for each additional 500 miles. Not likely to get delivery deal that good unless you come get it yourself (even then...). PA haunts, ask for even better deal on delivery (picking up new equipment there when Franky sells). Reaper conversion only $2,500 New fiberglass statues being made starting at $1,000 PER FOOT. A 20 foot Franky for only 6 Grand? What a deal!!!

Paper trained, doesn't chew the furniture or shed, quiet, afraid of fire and villagers with pitchforks. Good with children, unless they run out of flowers - then he throws 'em in the lake! Perfect for homes with 22' ceilings.
Seriously, I am ready to deal, need the room for new projects.
Haunting season racing here now!
Feel free to contact me for more detailed info, pictures or other projects/props for sale. I do create ALL my own props/haunts from my own twisted little imagination, so you're sure to get something NO ONE ELSE HAS!!!!!