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Thread: Bangin New Take on Halloween Music

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  1. Default New Hip Hop Halloween CD 
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    Aug 2007
    SUPER FRESH HIP HOP HALLOWEEN MUSIC AVAILABLE - It's the only Hip Hop halloween CD out there. Young Motown Universal Recording Artist "D1" Producer of the "Monsta Flow" knows the sound for young people today. D1's Hip Hop Halloween- Haunted House Party on High Major Records - on sale now, CD Baby.

    Instrumental Hip Hop Music, perfect for haunted attractions and parties. Everybody will dance. Child friendly, for all ages. Hip, without being corny.

    If you like the music of Midnight Syndicate, great, but this ain't it. This is part of the bangin pulse of current youth culture. Scary melodies over heavy bass and drums. Let your kids hear it, then you'll see why Haunted House Party is a must for your haunt. Stop by http://cdbaby.com/cd/d1tunes and give a listen.
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  2. Talking Frightfully Good!! 
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    Sep 2007
    Hollyweird, CA
    I loved D1's Hip Hop Halloween Haunted House Party! This is something new!! How exciting to get my hands on a collection of Halloween music that doesn't include "The Monster Mash"! These tracks are completely unique and show an innovative approach to the blending of two previously isolated genres. D1s use of syncopation and delicately layered picot electronica is a welcome new twist to the tired samples widely found in Hip Hop at present. His riffs are reminiscent of a bygone era, and yet not without their own complex newness.

    As a whole, D1s latest production is simply remarkable! At the time of this post, the album has been featured at CDbaby.com for only, I repeat, ONLY 11 days and its ranked at #25 on the top sellers list! Try Googling top selling halloween cd and D1 floats right up to the top! I can't wait to see what he does NEXT!!

    Gimme more!! Gimme MORE!!!

  3. Default  
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    ...........and then there are the haunted rhythms of a 140 year old Italianate inn, subtle, quiet and seeping into your subconscious because they want to live there.

    "Quiet" is scary, maybe because there is so little of it that now it's the great unknown?

    Maybe this is what the late John Cage knew?

    "Quiet" gives us illregular beats or none at all, our heart has to flounder to find it's own, or should it even be beating at all?
    Scary decision.
    Are we supposed to stay alive?
    Death seems to say not. He holds all the cards, the faultering, decomposing decrepid cards he deals us with every new hand.
    When will you be handed that "Last" card?

    Right before he reaches across the card table and rips the life out of your beating heart..Surprise! You have now forcibly joined the Big Club.
    Everyone belongs...eventually......

    Enjoy this day.


  4. Default  
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    Oct 2007
    ITs not hip hop but it is Halloween Music. Monster Mash and Thriller what more do you need!

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