Hello all! It has been about a year since I have been at the boards. And that season again for us.
At one point I thought about hanging my hat up and not doing haunts anymore, but then what do I do with 13 years worth of static and pnuematic props sitting in my basement, attic and shed.
So we decided to try and have a haunt once again this year to raise money for ovarian cancer.

Being we have never been able to find a building and it remains on my property, I am looking to see if anyone has a used scare structure they are willing to part with for a very cheap price.

Being we do this to raise money out of pocket I only have maybe 2000.00 to spend on it.

We are unable to build any walls this year because we just do not have any where to store anything else.

So if anyone has a scair structure they are willing to part with for 1000-2000 for a charity let me know

Thank you very much.

Research for ovarian cancer and continued survival