High Noon Records proudly presents the blood-chilling, horror-phonic sounds of Halloween at High Noon. The phenomenon began in 2006 with the original release, receiving rave reviews and welcoming an enormous fan base demanding for more. High Noon Records, ready to supply that demand, continues Halloween at High Noon into 2007 and beyond.

High Noon Records currently features ten bands/artists/projects, all of which are involved with the Halloween at High Noon projects. Each brings its own brand of fright, making for a wickedly unique listening experience: Electro/Western/Dub/Rockabilly/Surf/Swamp Hop just to name a few.

Artists will be added as Halloween at High Noon grows. The series will continue with future releases, including those of the conceptual kind that promise to chill you to the core. Listening alone, as always, is ill advised.

Visit us at www.highnoon-records.com/halloween/halloween.htm