Last minute pakage deal - working medieval props!

One trebuchet (catapult), small (compared to historic examples) approx 8' long, 6' tall with 8' throwing arm. Works exactly like it's medieval counterpart!

8' tall working guillotine (I know, hardly medieval, more late 18th century). "Blade" (wood) travels up and down smoothly.

$1,500 takes both!! Save well over $1,000 buying them new separately! Free delivery within 200 miles of St Paul, MN.

PLEASE NOTE - These are WORKING replicas of weaponry - they can cause injury if improperly used. Hell, if they're used as originally intended, well, duh! You will be required to sign a waiver stating that you understand the risks and know how to use the pieces. Although the guillotine works, it has mostly been a static display-it is definitely NOT a magician's prop! DO NOT put your head in it!!! The trebuchet was operated as a carnival game (with safety barriers all around) throwing a ball towards a barrel. Worked, too.

Add to your collection of the macabre! Act fast, cause they're sure to go fast!