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Thread: what to do this is my first year

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  1. Default what to do this is my first year 
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    Sep 2007

    Here is a picture of my house. I want to make a graveyard out front and i was thinking of having kids come into the porch and have white sheets hanging on both sides with fake blood on them. I would have severed heads hanging from the ceiling and have a fog maching in there. Maybe a strobe light or a blacklight in there. And for outside there will be a ground fog machine. I just don't know what to do for lighting and sound. What eles should i have outside/on the house. Put a giant spider web on the roof or something. All the help is needed.

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    Sep 2006
    Warner Robins, GA
    For sound get a CD of the "spooky" sounds and play it on repeat.
    I used my computer to get tracks off of multiple CDs to make a really good mix. I did not want the alien stuff mixed in with my chainsaw massacre theme last year.

    One of a girl singing low a creepy mixed in with heavy breathing scares the tar out of most folks.

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    Jul 2007
    Those windows have potential, maybe a strobe or red light inside them., even clear plastic sheets with blood (see shallowvalley.com , the 2001 year)

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    Mar 2006
    Buffalo, New York, United States
    Try using a Big Scream tv in the window off to the side, that would be cool.
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    Oct 2007
    Setting the mood is the most crucial part of a haunt so with that said I would recommend the following:

    Black Lights
    Strobe Lights
    Spot/Flood lights -should be used for props/graveyard
    Tulle (very sheer fabric which glows brilliantly in the dark, this stuff is very effective and cheap. Any fabric shop/Walmart carries it)


    For Black lights go to your local Walmart/Homedepot and purchase a cheap 4' shop light fixture (fixture with 2 bulbs, can be had for $7-10) and 2 4' black bulbs for the fixture. (They should carry the T-12 bulbs which are the best, price about $15 each).

    For strobes any will do, but I will tell you the Chauvet ST-2000 75W is crazy good, this thing puts out a tremendous amount of light. Best price I have seen for this is on E-bay from Progear Warehouse, $50 with free shipping.

    As far as sound/music goes I would order from Gore Galore. Personally I do not think anyone can compare with these guys when it comes to purchasing sound effects for various types of setups, they have something for everyone. Check them out, they even offer sample clips fore each of their cd's and they have numerous.

    One last note, if you would like your strobes to look more like lightning purchase a flash circuit plug (Check out your neighborhood hardware store ACE or a lighting store, usually lowes and home depot do not carry these, $5-10). You will also need a night light and extension cord.

    1. Once you have all 4 pieces plug the flash circuit plug into the main outlet

    2. Plug your extension cord in the back of the flash circuit plug

    3. plug the night light into one of the extension cords outlets

    4. plug the strobe into another of the outlets

    5. wait a few seconds and the strobe will begin to flash set the speed rate at which you would like the strobe to flash/adding another strobe will increase the performance dramatically. Set the flash at different intrevals.

    Good luck
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  6. Default big scream TV for your windows 
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    Sep 2007
    big scream TV for those windows would be a must!

    for black lights use a 4' long shop light w/a black uv light, it will produce more light to a wider area.

    check out www.skullandbone.com for their lighting ideas.

    layer your tombstones for your graveyard small one in front and bigger ones behind them. to make the writting on them more readable use glow in the dark paint and trace over the words. when the black light hits them they will pop out.

    good luck and remember to have fun!

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