me and a few co-workers are turning our animal hospital into a haunted hospital to raise money for local humane societies. We have 7 rooms to haunt and a long hallway. We plan on a mad surgery doc with chain saw cutting up a patient (live one). Blood, guts etc. We plan on a strobe room with moving actors. A room with a hanging man and ghoul who will charge at the door, a dead woman hooked up to a iv drip moaning (should she grab at the passers?) 2 rooms without ideas (here is where I need help). I thought of an electric chair inmate who springs to life? Which is scarier, red light or blue? How strong of a strobe light do I need? we have plenty of "intercomed" music. I thought we would make the victims sign a book and during their tour someone would wisper there name over the intercom.

I have run out of ideas. Time is ticking away. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I thank you ahead of time!

We have lots of black cloaks and demon masks. Leatherface is the best???? thanks again.