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Thread: Hydro Haunted ?? Offical Press Release

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  1. Default Hydro Haunted ?? Offical Press Release 
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    Sep 2007
    In the Bowls of Locus Grove, Tiffin,Ohio
    Inquiring minds wanted to know…
    To find out if any of the rumors, strange noises and bumps in the night were fact or fiction. The Haunted Hydro owners, Bob and Beth Turner contacted a paranormal investigation team called the Haunted Investigators of Y2B Productions to come in and find out just that. Recently, a team of 5 investigators headed up by Christopher Bores and Jennifer Schippel spent about 3 ½ hours in the Hydro. They were armed with high tech night vision cameras, audio recorders EMF readers, digital cameras and infrared detectors ready to capture any tangible evidence that ghosts or spirits might be living inside the Haunted Hydro. The Haunted Hydro is located in a 1911 Hydro Electric Power plant that was used by the city of Fremont for a source of power until about 1943. They Hydro survived the 2 major floods that swept through the city including the great flood of 1913.
    Y2B Productions has been investigating for over a year now and have already visited some interesting places including the Mansfield Prison, Patterson Tower in Dayton, The Longwood Manor in Macedonia Ohio, Prospect Place in Dresdon Ohio, and the Ritz Theater in Tiffin Ohio. But the most activity in a place we've gotten so far is the Mansfield Prison. More information on the Y2B Haunted Investigators can be found on www.y2Bproductions.com
    Christopher said it will take several months to look at all the footage, listen to the recordings, view the pictures and make a final determination on whether or not the Haunted Hydro has any paranormal activity. He will send us his findings in an official report.
    In the meantime, if anyone is interested in touring the Haunted Hydro with real-live ghosts and goblins, the Hydro is open for 13 weekend nights through October 31. All the information can be found on the website at www.thehauntedhydro.com or by calling 419-332-7380.
    GET ... ALL FIRED UP !!! and Hydro Me Baby ONE MORE TIME !!!

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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    I have owned and lived in a "Haunted", Haunted House for these last 20 years.
    I have been open, giving tours of it for almost as many years , of course the huge majority of those hours were nocturnal sometimes running into the daybreak hours..
    There actually are alot of people who have had ghostly, supernatural and just plain strange experiences in their lives, they don't always want to talk about them though because those memories still scare or upset them.
    Most of these people will not be entering anyplace that is supposed to be actively "haunted". They are still afraid.
    I only began telling about the supernatural activity going on here to warn people so if they had such an experience here that they would realise it was not a singular, personal experience possibly meaning that they had just lost their sanity.

    Business-wise, I believe that advertising a "Haunted", Haunted House as such will lose you as many ticket buyers as you gain. People are afraid of the trully unknown, they don't need or want it brought to the forefront of their everyday conscious thinking.

    As far as being able to arrive with a team of cameras and equiptment and capture much activity on film, ex cetra, this is extremely "Miss" or "Hit", rather than seeing many if any "Hits".
    "They" are not on our schedule, although October is a time of the year that these things do seem to increase.
    When someone wants to share their supernatural experiences with me I give them a sympathetic ear (my own, not one found pressed and dried in an old book) because I have also had quite a few experiences and most of them defy explanation in our simple, human terms.

    Good Luck Hydro!

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