ok. trying to make this short. I live on a farm and this is my fifth year. I usually take a hayride to different haunted areas. This year we are make a hugh maze. Using a long pis nursery (a couple pens will be a room others will be hallways twisting around. Then the maze will zig zag out side (using cattles panels bent into an upside down U covered by 4 mil plastic. then it will curl around to go into one barn and maze around in there (with a couple open areas and then into another barn (with a couple open areas and finally reaching outside for a cemetary line with big round hay bales. This year is based on SAw (the movie. I have only watched a few minutes. But like when they first enter in I will creat the bathroom scene with a toilet and 2 guys chained up and dead guy in the middle of the floor while playing the words on the tape. ( there will only be small groups entering at a time) I have a ramp that underneath a guy is under there and turns on a strrobe and pounds under their feet. then I have someone that will come out at them from a slit in the wall. I als have someone going to be grabbing feet. I also will cut 2 small u's in a wall for someone to rech long icky arms into the walls. With this being so large I need more scare tactics. I also am doing a strobe on a foil wall. Please any help!!!!