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Thread: How do you scare?

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  1. Default How do you scare? 
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    Dec 2006
    There are many ways to work a scene. Which do you prefer? Which do you use(not always the same thing)?

    Every haunt has it's jump out points, and every actor will use them at one time or another---but how?

    Do you hit the beginning of a group?

    The middle?

    Do you go for the person who looks most scared?

    A girl?

    What do you do when you've got a full house and jumpouts won't work?

    Or do you prefer the non-jumpout scare?

    I go for the scared...cull the weak(though I like being in an early scene--one in which I'm one of the first scares they get)

    I prefer creepy and disturbing to the jumpout. I want you to walk into my scene fully aware that I'm there and be so creeped out by what I do that you're running before you're halfway across the room.

    How do you scare?

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    Nov 2003
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    i evaluate each group and then do what experience tells me will work best for them. Sometimes it's jump out and boo, other times it's a dialog/funny conversation, or just creep out scares or whatnot.. I try to tailor it as much to the group as possible, and I listen to the actor in front of me that they encounter first, because that can give you a very valuable clue.

    This question is kind of like asking a programmer how to write code. Your response will vary greatly.

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    I have the wonderful advantage of being armed with an air hammer and a whole plethora of metal and wood to scrape it against.

    I've found that if I give them a little taste of the air hammer before I actually come out full force with it, I can get two or three scares out of a group.
    Suspense is key, at least for my taste. I love banging on the walls and yelling things like "I'm waiting!" as they approach my scene.
    I also have a spotlight, so I like standing in plain view, not moving a muscle. The whole time I just stare at them while idling the air hammer, giving them little jumps here and there. I wait until they're cowering in fear and anticipation, then I throw on the spotlight and just go ape shit.

    I also like getting down on all fours and pressing the air hammer into the floor while crawling towards them, that gets even the toughest of tough guys.

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    Aug 2003
    Columbus, Ohio
    I will agree with Imax on this one. You must tailor your scare/entertainment to the group. One of the things I like to do is to come in low at a group. People are not expecting this. I also like to cirlce a group while looking for the victim to zero in on. Keep them offguard not knowing what you are going to do next.

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    Dec 2006
    Oh, I know I'll get wildly different answers--that's the point. I want to see what people like to do.

    Take tailoring...while everyone does it, there are ways and there are ways. Some people do it so much that they lack character consistency. People get scared, but it's just a scare, there's no real flavor to it. Granted, you're still getting the scare--it's just that your audience isn't getting all they could.

    Others come up with versions of what they're doing. I've done a Nosferatu-looking vampire that goes from the refined routine to totally berserk in seconds--sometimes during the transition from one sylabble to the next.

    But truthfully, I'm not trying to critique scare styles, I'm just wondering what types of scares get the actors blood racing, which do you consider your own, y'know?

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    Mar 2006
    I have been a zombie the past 2 years not a lot of talking this year mostly grunting or growling although the one time I did talk because I got her name "Jessica" she started crying real bad(go me!) I did feel stupid though because I don't think zombies should talk.

    My favorite is when they fall down. As soon as they do this I drop immediately too and start crawling at them. I kinda consider it my signature scare.

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