There are many ways to work a scene. Which do you prefer? Which do you use(not always the same thing)?

Every haunt has it's jump out points, and every actor will use them at one time or another---but how?

Do you hit the beginning of a group?

The middle?

Do you go for the person who looks most scared?

A girl?

What do you do when you've got a full house and jumpouts won't work?

Or do you prefer the non-jumpout scare?

I go for the scared...cull the weak(though I like being in an early scene--one in which I'm one of the first scares they get)

I prefer creepy and disturbing to the jumpout. I want you to walk into my scene fully aware that I'm there and be so creeped out by what I do that you're running before you're halfway across the room.

How do you scare?