I went to a local haunted house. I seen somethings that were interesting. One thing that they did that I was wondering if anyone could help explain how to do is they had about a 10 ft long section that you walk through. On both sides there was an inflatable or airblown object. The two objects were so close together that you had to squeeze through the two airblown "walls." I was thinking it was something like a moonbounce that keeps air blowing through it at all times but still gives way a little so you can squeeze through. I was wondering where you could get something like that. If it would be too expensive to do that is there someway to create the same illusion.

Another thing that they had that I thought was interesting was a "walk the plank section" where they had boards about 2ft wide in a hallway about 6ft wide. The boards were up off of the floor about 2-4 inches but it created the illusion that you couldn't step off of the boards. They had something push into you to make you think you were going to fall off the "plank."