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Thread: Need Help

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    Oct 2007
    Hey everyone i need some advice on haunting, I have done.. well i guess if you want to call it "haunting" before but i dont consider high school haunted houses really count. But i need some advice because i am volunteering at a real one tonight, to give you some background on myself i am 17 and im very shy. Now i know that may seem like why would i want to entertain when im shy but theres just this rush i get from scaring people haha. Anyway, if you could help me out on the basics of haunting or anything it would be much appreciated, oh and um im volunteering for anything so its not like i have a specific character that i could get into. Thank you, and i will try not to let the rest of you guys down!

    By the way if you would rather email me some advice: hit me up at ryno757@yahoo.com.

    thank you again

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    For a first timer, you are most likelly going to be doing a startle scare of some sort (were you jump out and scare) or a victim for another actor. Just remember, a scare lasts about 5 seconds. After that you are jsut on their nerves. You see some "actor" hawking the one girl in the group who is terrified all the way out of the room and down the hall but everybody else is annoyed. Most likely the hawk screwed up somebody elses scare in the process. When I'm working the kids around me learn real quick "you've got your space to scare them and i've got mine. Unless you want to get scolded in a hurry you better stay out of my space. You screw up MY show and I'm going to get pissed. And it probably will only happen once."

    A good scare- Get in hard, loud, and fast- do your thing- and get back out- preferably out of sight so they know its over and move on. Experience will guide you.
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    Oct 2007
    wow thank you ill try all this tonight again since im volunteering again at the haunted house

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    May 2007
    I hope you did well your first night.

    Trust me when you get in the makeup, costume.. you get in a new mindset. I tend to be shy as well.. but this will break you of it.

    When I first started about 12-15 years ago ( I really lose track) I was a guy behind the scenes that kept the fog machines going, and some other little things. but then I saw how bad a room - well didnt work well - I brought it to the attention. I was allowed to run with it and came up with an idea that scared a lot of people.

    But if you have a good voice, like to act.. speak up - I bet they may find a spot for you if one is open - or always good to have the fillers for when break are needed.

    Trust me - you spend all night running around in costume, guiding a group on a long tour back to back you will be so happy you get that short time to sit down and relax.

    Another good tip is have some water with lemon juice or get some lemon tea (can be found at Asian food stores cheap) - this will save your voice and throat if you are in a talking/screaming part all night

    And welcome to what could be a life-long bug that may never never ever get out of your system that you will be sad after October is over. Muhahahahahaha

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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    "Sad " when the season ends? That's why I chose to never end my season here at The Ravens Grin Inn.
    I have been open almost every night of the year for almost 20 years.
    Want to know what real scaring fun is? Imagine having just a couple of people to devote your skills toward for a whole night.
    There really are so many ways to scare and scare/entertain people, of course people can be very different too.
    See my website for a look at my place--hauntedravensgrin.com

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    Oct 2007
    thanks alot guys and ill keep practicing im also doing a haunted house for my school so that will be more practice lol im probably going to be the person with the most enthusiasm towards it but o well and that hauntedravensgrin.com is sick dude

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    Aug 2003
    Probably one of the easiest ways to scare a person in a haunted house is to look them directly in the eyes while you're talking to them. I've gotten a decent number of scares just by simply picking out a "victim" in the group and glaring at them while I speak...
    "We all go a little mad sometimes..."

    - Norman Bates

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    Jan 2008
    I hope you did well,you have to become a COMPLETELY different person when you scare.

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