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Thread: Questionable Scene

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  1. Wink Haunted Hoochie 
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    Aug 2006
    Columbus, Ohio
    It's amazing how people will still compare real life tragedies with attractions like these. I absolutely LOVE this haunt and get a kick out of the people that take it so seriously, if they're scared beyond belief than I feel I've done my job well that evening.

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    Oct 2007
    Well to be fair, it IS the Haunted Hoochie. They try to gross out as many people as they can.
    Once you know that, this sort of scene shouldn't surprise you.

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    Nov 2006
    Poughkeepsie, Wappingers, and Cohoes NY
    This would have worked better for me if the said actor was killing himself for a reason related to the theme of the Haunted House. Say...Zombie Infection....The Rage....?.....But all in all I guess its already creating a little buzz.
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    For quite awhile I could never figure out or even explain to myself why certain bad customers would do the destructive things that they would do.
    One October I finally realised they feel they are retaliating for me being seemingly very anti-social (not-nice) to them by scaring to them, lying to them to affect a scare, all things most people tell their kids not to do.
    I sure didn't consider my actions really evil because they paid me to do this to them and theirs. But some of them still felt somehow justified in breaking or taking my stuff!?
    The arguement you just made for further increasing the amount of sickening gore, ex cetra could also be parralelled to looking at pornography...but then when you have seen it all, thought years of twisted thoughts..what then? Does a person them personally sink into the abyss of acting out these practiced thoughts and play-actions?
    Extremes of thinking and lifestyles do seem to rotate around the positive and negative poles in relation to one another. The backlash from a segment of the population directly opposed to the extreme gore, ex cetra may manipulate themselves politically into positions of controlling power within which most of us with our different "ART" would perish.
    Maybe it isn't true but I read that serial killers begin as relativly harmless neighborhood boys window peeking, but they didn't get caught (and punished) so they keep on "graduating" into more and more serious habits seeking that next evil thrill until they are kidnapping women off the street at random, abusing and murdering them.
    Their next sought after thrill is getting caught, thereby becoming infamous from all that pain and misery they have caused for the victims and their familys.
    Tv and movies can generate alot of quick, easy money from pushing some behavioral envelope with their products but what is left behind can cause the rest of us very dark problems forever. They care? No. It's all always about the money, end of story.
    Supposidly all serial killers ever examined have multiple brain injurys from either genetic, chemical of physical reasons, removing their sense of humanity, making it easier to mindlessly eliminate their fellow man , or woman. Maybe this type of person needs very little push to become a full-blown active monster?
    Then there is the example of the ancient Roman colosseum.....how much real blood was ever enough? I don't think they ever figured that out.

  5. Default freedom! 
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    Oct 2007
    Los Angeles, CA
    Seriously? I mean, seriously? Anyone who thinks it is morally questionable to include disturbing gags and/or imagery in a haunted attraction needs to rethink their choice of industry.
    Although I agree that a haunted house does not NEED to rely on shocking and graphic imagery to be effective, such implements are a staple of the haunt scene. Almost every haunted house or maze I have had the pleasure to experience has had some degree of gore or shocking violence within, and most of the time it has been quite effective.
    To completely abandon gore, violence, graphic portrayals of shocking events is to abandon a major component of the horror genre in general - the very genre we attempt to bring to life as vividly as possible each year. I'm not saying that all good horror includes such elements but it is prevalent and cannot simply be ignored.
    I find that houses lacking gore and violence seem to be less popular with the target audience. Most of the people that come out to mazes and haunts are looking for something a little less "family" and a little more "adult", and when the scares are more Are You Afraid of the Dark and less Texas Chainsaw Massacre, audiences tend to feel cheated.
    Of course, just as in film, when horror relies TOO much on gore and shock and not enough on actual solid scares and buildup (read: suspense) it basically becomes lazy and uniteresting. I don't care how shocking your scenes are, room after room of hacked-up bodies and evisceration will get old... real fast.
    Basically your best bet is to find a good balance - some blood and violence, some more traditional scares, basically whatever fits your theme best and doesn't get redundant. Disturbing imagery is great and will really stick with a guest, but too much of this can work against you. Even when looking at the average horror fan, most want a fun, scary, shocking experience, but tend to shy away from the truly distuirbing. For example - people love the Evil Dead films (which are very gory but also very funny) and will watch them over and over again with fear and delight, but a film like Last House On The Left (a truly disturbing and relentless piece of work) does not have the same replay value. Although it leaves a lasting impression and those who watch it seldom forget it, they usually aren't lining up for repeat viewings.
    That said, pushing limits has always been the point of our industry and pretty much nothing should be "out of bounds" or morally taboo inside a haunted attraction. Of course, we should all be responsible and post the appropriate signes and warnings - detailing the level of graphic and disturbing imagery in your attraction, but if we stay away from including things such as suicide, murder, torture, etc. we can all just shut down right now because almost everything that could appear in a haunted attraction could be considered offensive by someone.
    On the flip-side, if you have had such tragedy in your life and you know that seeing reenactments may affect you emotionally or mentally, perhaps you should stay away from haunts and mazes that are known to include such imagery.

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    Jul 2005
    Lexington, SC
    Quote Originally Posted by horrorfiend99 View Post
    nothing should be "out of bounds" or morally taboo inside a haunted attraction.

    There is a line where disturbing images become obscene and pornographic.

    Cross that line too often and community leaders will shut you down.
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    Guerilla Haunter

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    Quote Originally Posted by horrorfiend99 View Post
    Seriously? I mean, seriously? Anyone who thinks it is morally questionable to include disturbing gags and/or imagery in a haunted attraction needs to rethink their choice of industry.

    but if we stay away from including things such as suicide, murder, torture, etc. we can all just shut down right now because almost everything that could appear in a haunted attraction could be considered offensive by someone.
    On the flip-side, if you have had such tragedy in your life and you know that seeing reenactments may affect you emotionally or mentally, perhaps you should stay away from haunts and mazes that are known to include such imagery.
    How about drug abuse? would you show someone shooting up heroine or smoking meth? It would definetly be shocking

    I've never been to their show and probably never will. I don't think they are anywhere near the foothills of NC. If they want to add that scene to their show I said more power to them. It's just not one that I would. Yes it's a little disturbing but I don't think it's particularly scary or, more important to me, CREATIVE. It is shocking though.

    But then again I don't care for this new string of movies such as Hostel or the Saw box set. The yare not particularly scary, jsut gory portrayals of torture... and torture just ain't my bag of bones. You watch Hitchcock's The Birds and tell me any of the Saw movies is in the same league. While the 4 are much more shocking, The Birds is just plain genius.

    We had a similar discussion last year http://hauntworld.com/haunted_house_...read.php?t=524 .

    It's well worth going back and reading.

  8. Default Is it cool? 
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    Aug 2003
    Tyler, Texas, United States
    Satitstically perhaps only one in 8,000 customers have ever experienced such an event in real life. Chances are they do not have any independent ambition to seek out gore entertainment and if this sets them of it is because they were dragged there by others.

    The over all scene could be chilled out a bit and made even cooler if it was some character shooting a zombie. Perhaps even a little minute seminar, if you encounter a zombie this is the only way to stop them. This displacement of killing what needs to be stopped anyhow is what makes horror movies a bad ass effects or just plain hillarious.

    Events like this shooting are in movies of all types. It got so bland that I saw over the following years a character would go through all the crying and thinking about it and put the gun to the head and then be disappointed that there was a knock on the door or a phone call and then they would answer like it was just another day, life would go on as usual.

    The actual act of violently taking ones life like this is supposed to be dramatic from the perspective of the doer. Yet this illustrates that it is not all that shocking in these time. It may be doing a public service of see it doesn't actually look so wicked. If you want to kill yourself and be remembered you will have to be more creative and really do some highly creative writing in you suicide letter or you are just another dumb azz scatched off the list.

    Having things acted out generally is a release that quells things happening or being acted upon for real. The customer that would be hyper sensitive wasn't going to come back anyhow, they weren't going to come the first time. Yet going over the top brings the buzz of what is happening in there, but beacons the larger problem of having to explain this as some kind of public service over and over and possibly not being agreed with.

    If you haven't developed a reputation over years for gore and have a high customer turn out because of your style, it is best to stay away from slick stuff like this. Unless you indeed are at the point of going out with a bang.

    Another fabulous post from the U.S.Department of Wild Imaginings, now in spectaclar stereo, sponsored by the Adhesives and Sealants Council, suggesting ways to stick things together since the 1800s. Not fabulous in a gay way. Your results may vary. Illinois residents add 8% sales tax. These posts have been made by professional post makers, do not try this type of posting on your own without extensive training, lovely assistants and a trusty clown horn.

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    Aug 2007
    Why not go ALL the way? REALLY shock people by creating graphic torture rape scenes involving young children. It's on the news every day so it can't be all that bad, right? Or go for straight vomit wrenching awefullness: perhaps Hillbilly Ma Kettle squatting and crapping out an animatronic fetus onto her nasty kitchen floor, then grabbing up the squirming slimekinder and biting off an arm -- then attacking the group with it. For added "offensiveness points" she could finish the squalling squirmer off by snatching up a sharpened crucific from a handy urine jar and stabbing the little fellow to death with it.

    That would be fun for the enitre family!

    Or maybe not.

    Now that I think about it, the only people who would enjoy either of the two scenes I "suggested" would be the haunters slapping themselves on the back over how many people they grossed out.

    The fact is that nothing in that video shocked anyone here. No one was sickened, offended, or even disturbed (including me, and as I said earlier, my dad committed suicide by blowing his head off with a shotgun). We all make decisions about what gore and intensity level we want our shows to be at. Some haunts have done well working around the edges of societal acceptance. But not too many, the line is a very fine one.

    The cold hard reality of the business is this: we are paid to ENTERTAIN. Not sicken, not horrify, not traumatize, not humiliate... entertain. Our customers are paying us for an addrenaline rush and a fun evening out, not pee stained undies or vomit on their loafers. The challenge is not designing the most horrific things you can, it is designing a show event to hit exactly the right level of intensity -- the perfect scare gets everyone, just enough but not too much, offends no one, and they leave laughing and talking about what a great time they had.

    In the same way the perfect haunted attraction (like, say, Netherworld or the Darkness, to name a couple) offers something for everyone -- including the jaded haunter you just can't scare. It is immersive, clever, and no matter where you look there is something magic going on. The animatronics and sets look real within the framework of the alternate haunt reality they are trying to create, yet they are just slightly off -- enough so that no one is forced to take any of it too seriously and risk spoiling their fun.

    The guys who create these shows are like modern day Walt Disneys. You could easily add Jim Warfield to this list as well. They understand that this is show business.

    Just my two cents.
    Last edited by screamshow; 10-24-2007 at 11:07 PM.

  10. Default  
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    Jul 2006
    Really its not as questionable as it is complete crap. The guy acting is bad and the action he takes makes no real sense because of it. It could have been a really disturbing scene, but it was just kind of stupid. I have done this effect for projects before. A good air cannon squib type copy with a good actor will make your stomach roll when you film it. That's how you know the scene worked. Watching this would just make me never go to this event. All it says to me is that they are trying to be vile and stupid but not scary..... never been there, but I would expect low quality and personal injury from the event after watching that.

    Bottom line, was it crossing a line? Not to me... but only because it wasn't done well enough for me to get offended. It wasn't scary, and it wasn't disturbing, it was just dumb..... but that's just my stupid opinion.....

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