Tonight I the first group here was really having an incredibly fun time, they were mostly laughing almost non-stop for my front room routine and since it wasn't such a busy night my routine went alot longer(they kept reacting so well) I ended the room with a big scare for most of them , that played very well because I lulled them so long and "sold" the scare , (sort of inversely?) before it happened.
At the end of the tour I found out these people were from all over this country and one country across the ocean from here.
The one woman is from LA, she has a friend who was through my house many years ago and her friend still talks about her experiences here quite often after all these years!!
I guess there's not much going on in LA to talk about, huh? hahahaaha!
I was so inspired by their continoius reactions to my routines that the creative ad-libbing began and talk about "Laugh" and "Fun"! Wow!
through much of the start of this front room show it was if I was listening to someone else talking for me, I had a mental detachment that was helping me to critique myself in an on-going , "real time" scenario, which kept the wacky words being pronounced interestingly enough to maintain their attention and kept track of my space within the rhythms of their responses to keep it all flowing so incredibly well.
Just a slight hesitation within the sentence can unleash humor that most would otherwise not even realise was potentially there.
When I said , "I saw the sausage truck(that ran over me) in a mirror, I then hesitated and said, "Not that mirror!" There was a large, round mirror on the wall right behind them. That mirror would look pretty darn silly in a car!
They were given ALOT to comprehend and think about in about 50 minutes they were sitting in my front room!
Maybe I like stimulating the customer's minds because my mind gets it too at the same time?