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Thread: Raft building ideas needed

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  1. Default Raft building ideas needed 
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    Aug 2007
    I have a large pond on my property and have finally come up with an idea for it for next year.I want to turn it into "The River Styx".To do this,I will need a raft for "Charon" ( a live actor ) to stand on and use a pushpole to propel it from one bank to the other. Any raft building help or ideas would be appreciated!!

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    Sep 2007
    No such land, United states
    I see that you like Greek Mytology ( name and river styx) I love it too. I have just now gotten to where I want to build haunts, But In the past i always did a haunt on my lake. Honestly, I just bought a big boat, Saved me some work, and it was only 45o bucks! Ok, Two years ago my theme was " A trip to Tartarus". I took them out on a trip In The lake and had people hiding in trees and stuff and monsters swimming around in the lake. We had a big island about a mile into the lake. We took them To it Then had them walk about a twenty minute horror trail with hades in the ending, then a calm ride back, but before they got back a chainsaw guy came up from a small island behind them, The boat stopped and he scared. them, it was a good turn out and alot of people liked it, then I moved and couldn't do that anymore

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    Sep 2006
    Warner Robins, GA
    On having a boat, make sure it stays a float with a bunch of different weight configurations.

    Think of abnormal sized people and weird payloads. You have two big people shifting ot one side and you being to sink on that side. So keep that in mind and make it very stable to the point where body weight is not an issue.

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