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Thread: How to scare people as JASON VOORHEES

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    Jan 2008
    you have to make them think that something is there,but where THEY think it is.

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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    Funny story...

    My cousin Danny, who helped me create the original Hauntworld.com, and who was one of the best character actors you've ever seen, who died of a heart attach at the age of 32 (RIP). The very first haunted house I did back in 1990 he played Jason. He looked just like Jason, he had the rubber zombie mask under the hockey mask and everything. He had the right cloths he had it all... he was perfect even...

    The smell. He hadn't washed in two weeks, he had not washed the cloths nothing and he smelled HORRIBLE! EVERYONE came to me and said 'you have to talk to your cousin about his smell'. I didn't know what his deal was so I finally broke down and said 'Danny whats up dude don't you know what a shower is, you need to take one'. He explained why he hadn't taken a shower or washed his cloths...'He wanted to smell the part'. I'll never forget that one. We said okay but still take a shower.



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    Jan 2008
    Magnolia Springs, AL.
    Now thats dedication!Thats to young,sorry about that.

  4. Lightbulb  
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    Jan 2007
    I know that this is an old topic, but I will put my money in jar as well. If you have watched Friday the 13th, and I am sure most of you have. But if you have not, WATCH IT AND TAKE NOTES! Take notes on how the actor (Kane Hoder), not sure of the spelling of the last name............but anyway take notes on how Kane plays the part of Jason. One thing that I know about Jason is for what ever reason, he has great stealth. One minute he will be in one place, and then BAM he is in another.......mybe try 2 or more Jason's in the set or scene to give this effect.

    Have one Jason come out in one spot walk up to payed thrill seekers......then when they see him walk off behind them and stare off at the customers at the same time the second Jason appears from in front and does a second scare. As soon as the second Jason pops out the first one dissapears. But it has to be a timed thing, and try and keep the 2 actors that play Jason MATCH AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE!

    Sorry for any spelling errors, typing fast heading out the door to go to work, so NO time to spell check.

    Mr. Haunt

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    Mar 2008
    Erie Colorado
    We tried an idea we saw in a book we have had for years. We put Jason behind bars that looked like he was in a cell. While the customers were walking toward the cell he would begin to slowly walk towards them then stop at the bars. I cant tell you how many brave big studly men would get in his face and say i aint scared of you. Your behind bars! Well the secret of this design is the bars are made of thin bicycle innertubes but they look like solid bars untill he spreads them apart quickly and comes right thru them after the customers. This worked great for us but the actor needs to have a large frame to pull it off the best. You can get the innertubes free from a bicycle shop by simply calling them and asking them to save their old ones for you. It may be an old design but it worked great for us and was a great startling effect.

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    Apr 2008
    i have a jason mask. they r prtty chaep thse days!

    i think mind costed 5.00 from walmart but im not sure?


  7. Default JAson 
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    May 2008
    Yeah Jason is just one of those classics that once the music starts in a pitch black room causes instant fear.Same way with the Leather face once the chain saw starts people freak out.LOL got to love it

  8. Default Jason 
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    Jan 2009
    Dent, Ohio
    The Music helps, But to me I like how Kane Hodder did it His breathing is more deep and fast , I think he limbed too. Micheal Myers is slow and the head tilt is more Micheal's thing than Jason even though Jason did it at times. Never run I know in the new teaser he does which to me it's fine to do because he needed an upgrade than going to space or something stupid like that, Freddy needs an upgrade too but I'll be hard to match what Englund created.

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    Jul 2008
    Irving, Texas
    In order to properly have an effective jason scene, you must have the correct person to do it.

    Noone is going to be afraid of a pudgy or a short vorhees. The Actor must be at least 6ft, and somewhat muscular. An actor we had was just perfect for it, as he was a football player.

    for Costume, the jumpsuit must be worned out, or old looking, as a store bought one will lose the effect immediantly. besides, they are cheaply made and are meant for trick or treating, not for heavy usage. they are poorly made and can rip easily.

    and for the machete, a real one. the actor MUST be very confident and knows how to handle it. In our scene, we had built a small shack facade, but on one of the beams to hold it up, we added another 2 x4. When he charged into the scene, he chopped his machete into the wood, leaving it stuck, or just taking a big chunk out of it. the reaction to peopl seeing it as real, definatly gave them a good scare.

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    Jan 2009
    Exeter, NH
    my opinion:
    seeing a face from any horror movie in a haunt is a piece of crap. i hate it when it happens. so my suggestion is don't be jason. or if you are, use a chainsaw so it doesn't matter what your wearing.

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