i am gonna start a haunted house in 2010 season but i need lots of help.its going to be a yard haunt but with actors.i also need help with setup and security.the haunt will be opened oct. 22,23,24,29,30,31.it will located in my front yard at my parent's house.you can get directions by private messaging me.the haunt is opened to the public.it is a free haunt but accept donations.its a very small haunted house.i need about 4 people to dress up.there is not a dress code for the haunt.all you need to wear is black clothes or you provide your own costume but it has to fit into the haunt theme.the haunt is called creep's halloween haunt.it will be a pitch dark haunt with little light.the only light i have is the street lights.my front yard is little to no light at times.If anyone can also help with donating props or costumes i would appreciate that.the money for the haunt goes into a funding for future haunts and some money will go to the houston food bank or humble assistance area ministry.if anyone has any question private message me on here or email me at scarybobthehaunt@aol.com.
Owner of Creep's Halloween haunt.