Hey... and Hi.
Im a master Horror-Teller.. and don't get me wrong your a big important part of the haunted industry...but did you ever want to be more?
I've got a new show I've developed. The horror-Teller show. You could learn to be a Horror-Teller and have your own team of scareactors for your haunt.
But you will need to learn the ins and outs of being a Horror-Teller first.

Its a very cool profession and when you have learned it and made that video/DVD we would be happy to post you on our website:

We even have a secret society just for our horror-tellers...where we talk everything horror-telling. We have Dark ones sponsered contests for you to win cool stuff and see the hottest new products on the market today.
Any questions...well just contact me or post here!
Thank you.
The HorrorTeller