Hey everybody my name is Sandy Though I', also known as Hezbeth the horror-teller.
I wanted to share with you a theme we did for 2005.

It was called Village Of The Scrows. The basis of the show was I had moved into my house and as were remodeling we stumbled upon an old medicine bottle and a note (which we really did!) that was dated back from the early 1900's when the influensa epidemic had arrived and folks had no choice but to use mass graves to burn and bury the bodies.
The scrows that we always used here for props had turned evil from the spirits that inhabited the grounds and then turned on us. They were repulsive and they had friends.
So our guests were first warned not to go into the celler of the barn.
The irony of it was thats where we had them enter the haunt.
I would like to give to anyone who wants it, the plans and uses to making the scrows and how else you can use them.
Theres pictures to see and diagrams and complete instructions on how to use these evil dudes.
All you need to do is shoot me a email to the link below and put scrows 2005 in the subject line- so it don't go in my spam pile.
I will then send a pdf file that contains everything, pics and all.
I will then follow up with more photos from the village of the scrows that are not included in the file.
So any home haunters, yard haunters, newbies or just folks that like to decorate their yards, just email me at the address below.
I feel these dudes add real value to any event. Hayrides and pumpkin patches too.
I won't be bugging you in the future unless I have something else I feel, to add real value for you that you can actually use. So please don't worry about being spammed.
The only thing I ask in return is that you contact me after you see and read it all and let me know how you enjoyed it and if it was of use to you!
Thats it. Easy. I want you to get to know me.
Thanks for viewing.
Please allow 1 day in case this gets busy.