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Thread: IAHA Banned post

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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    Let me tell you that I understand what you're saying, however in this situation its not the case. I didn't start www.hauntedhouseassociation.org to complete with IAHA. Actually it was started to keep the momentum going that our industry has.

    The media is always looking for an association to give quotes and stats about our industry. When some goofs at IAHA tell the media going to a haunted house isn't about getting scared, or our attraction is the sister of a Tunnel Love, or that if you bring a date you can guarentee yourself to be grabbed by the girl, ahhh... well.

    Who would promote their haunted house that way? Don't we always say we're the scariest, or we're better than a horror movie, or something along those lines. Where does the 'Tunnel of Love' come into the picture I don't know but this is the press release IAHA issued this past October hoping to drum up PR for our industry.

    A few years ago I got sick and tired of reading haunts be connected to sex offenders or crimes or whatever. In the past it was devil worship, or acting out violence, or during 911 it was don't you think haunts should close this year, or people with home haunts should stop putting out tombstones or zombies.


    www.HauntedHouseAssociation.org is a FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE its something that promotes your industry, and promotes in a positive light. You need something that pushes to the media going to haunts is a great thing.

    What we've seen over the past two years with stories in USA Today, National Geographic or countless AP stories or Good Mourning AMerica or any of these things...they are NOT THE DOING OF IAHA!

    IAHA could have done this 10 years ago, 5 years ago at any point in time. I was the one who MADE IT HAPPEN... I went out there and made the case to Netherworld, Headless Horseman, Bates Motel, Eastern State Penn, Erebus, blah, blah, blah... all of these haunts and soooooo many more have seen their attendance skyrocket. I'm being told by every haunter I know their attendance has gone through the roof the past two years.

    Its like this I'm not looking for an award, I'm not looking for anything, I did this not only for the industry but for myself. I wanted more business, I wanted more exposure to new groups of people to help my own haunts attendance as well.

    If the WHOLE industry gets more exposure that is good for me as well. I just knew it was something that needed to be done for a WHOLE industry, that WOULD benefit myself as well as everyone else.

    See that is the difference here... the difference is a group of people who make a living haunting, or people who are trying to make a living haunting can think alike as to what is best for everyone or what is good for one haunt could be good for all haunts or my haunt.

    See what I'm saying?

    With IAHA you get all these different people who don't own haunts, will never own haunts, or people who just want to be a popular industry person and you mix all this together and you get NOTHING but problems.

    IAHA has NEVER accomplished NOTHING but tours through Disney Haunted Mansion, or giving its members book bags, or whatever. When I got in there I was okay the buck stops here brother...

    NO MORE SOCIAL EVENTS, NO more WASTING YOUR MONEY on book bags, if we don't have a good reason to spend our money, and that reason has to be for the benefit for haunted house OWNERS then we won't spend money. To this day IAHA has more money than they have ever had thanks to me not allowing them to give money away to their friends, board members, or spending on silly parties.

    But they have gone back to all of that... they gave Randy Young $2,500.00 to write up a census that failed, they're holding a party at Transworld and giving out free food, which i'm sure will cost them thousands of dollars. Who does that help?

    Does that help me put money in my pocket? Does that help my business grow? Does that help the industry? NO it doesn't...

    I'm not starting this other association to do anything but give the industry a PROFESSIONAL voice to the national media, and any support you offer HHA will be support for those types of efforts, not to give each other awards, not to give me $2500 to write a census, or for me to buy you a chicken sandwich.

    I OWN a haunted house, and I want the same thing you want. If you're a vendor you benefit when haunts benefit, because the more money they make, the more money they will spend with you. Its a circle its Reagonomics.

    The goal of any association should be to promote, protect and create benefits for their industry. Not hand out book bags, not wasting members money on sponsorships of dances, or being on the board to make yourself seem popular.

    We've got a job to do here and until every AMERICAN knowns that haunted houses are better than horror movies or as good as the Opera our job won't be complete.


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    Aug 2003
    Columbus, Ohio
    You have repeatedly stated that you are through with IAHA, that IAHA is dead, etc... Why do you keep putting so much effort into this thread???

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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO

    In case you didn't notice an issue was brought up to my statements since I am offering a different association. I wanted to assure people that my view of IAHA has nothing to do with HHA and its intentions.


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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    I'm not sure advertising a haunted house as being "The Scariest", is the best thing to do.
    If your customer base are all 14 yr. olds this might fly but older customers who have been to a few haunted houses over the years are just forewarned .
    I would rather assume no one will be scared and then provide experiences that may scare some of them (even though it was not advertised as such) and might entertain a great many of them and guess what else? Another percentage of those people respond with genuine terror!
    Their unforgetable experience was not a jump and a jerk from someone screaming in their face, which is quickly anaylized as "Someone(a real person) just screamed in my face trying to scare me", but rests within the realm of the trully unknown.......
    This sort of thing actually penetrates their memory-brain-library of compelling experiences and burrows into the memory perminently.
    What I am referring to is the fear of the supernatural.....whether you belive such a thing exists or not ," the fear of it" does exist in a great number of people who happen to not be just 14 yrs. old but all ages.
    It does take a certain amount of time and commited energys to convey this fear.
    My disclaimer is :"I am not trying to sell any kind of a belief system, I am just telling you what I know that has happened in this house, to me, my Ex, my wife, my employees and people coming through for the tour , such as yourselves."
    ...and then the recanting of the haunted history of this old Inn begins.....
    This is my definition of the term "Haunted House", the old, original definition.

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