The ticket link for the Haunt tour is now active and the info has been updated!!

Of interest is the addition of a Private Bus!! Randy just bought a 14 passenger bus. I had heard from several haunters who either wanted to see or had already purchased tickets to another Vegas show on Sunday. The Private Bus could solve our problem.

Here's how we can help you. You must get on one of the first busses. You do the Haunt Tour. Instead of waiting until 9pm and returning back to the Sands, you take the Private Bus which will make a trip down the Strip and they can drop you off at that particular hotel!

This is a first come first serve service and of course limited. The normal transportation is round trip to the Sands. Those busses can't be making additional stops and of course the Private Bus can't be taking EVERYONE to their own hotel!!! This is something we're offering to those that already booked other show tickets so you can do the Haunt Tour AND still get to your Vegas Show.

Your other Vegas show would have to be an 8 or 9 pm show. Regular busses will be leaving the Tour early enough to get to a 10pm show. The Private Bus is for those who already booked other tickets. IF you haven't, DON'T book anything else on Sunday!! Remember Randy's Punch!! Once you're at the tour visiting with other Haunters you're really going to want that extra time (and that ONE more Punch!!!)

Again space will be limited, you can email me directly to reserve a space:

Viva Haunt Vegas Baby!!!!