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So in a few years, I hope to have my own permanent place. As I dream about this, I was wondering how or what the stipulation is for haunts to be handicapped access. I always make my halls 4' wide and because of my location there are no steps. However, I have visited many haunts that halls are closer to 3' wide and some that are ever more narrow. I have also seen many haunts with steps that one must climb. How do these haunts get by?

Thanks so much!

Ron, here our hallways need to be at least 4' wide which is fine with me. I'm a healthy sistah, so I don't create anything that isn't comfortable for me. There are times I'd like to give the claustrophic feel, so I do it with other items like clothes in the closet, etc.
Sprinklers are definitely a must here and our fire marshall is quite a stickler about them. In fact, we created a 6' long Jack in the Box that I wanted our customers to bend down and pass through. Well, the marshall said no -- that even if we drilled holes in the top, she would still be concerned if water would be able to get through if the sprinklers went off due to fire. It worked out okay though. I simply diverted the crowd around and let the monster be in the box to get them when they came around.

Like many have said, it all depends on where you live. California can be pretty tough.