The Biggest "I" needed in this business is Imagination, not necesarrilly ours, but rather our customers'.
Last night for the "ump-teenth" time a customer here said something that is rather incredible as it shows where her personal perceptions have taken an ounce of inspiration found here and become very intoxicated, then floundered logically .
She asked my wife if we had the snow trucked in?
Trucked in to the wine cellar?
There is NO snow in the wine cellar, she was not IN the wine cellar, she was standing outside in the backyard looking up at the night sky full of stars, standing in almost two feet of real fallen snow. (where we wanted no customers to be)
I had spoken breifly with this woman, she was not drunk or hallucinating, she seemed very normal, she was at that moment an adult chaperone for some teenagers here.
I told my wife, Jessica that this magnificent illusion (of the back yard) will only increase the selling price someday of this "haunted House" because I don't think anyone else has such an illusion in theirs!
"Do you want to buy the place with or without the backyard illusion?"
"Fine then , fold it up, we are taking it with us to the condo apartment!"
(Maybe the real wine cellar is a big let-down compared to this?)