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Thread: Light effect

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  1. Default Light effect 
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    Aug 2003
    Las Vegas
    I looking for a specific lighting effect that would probably have other applications.

    I need to replicate a flash photographer. While I could just get a regular photo flash, I was looking at modifying a strobe light so that when triggered it gives just ONE flash.

    If using a modified strobe it could be used in other haunt locations, like just before entering a dark area or black maze to dilate their eyes and add to the confusion.

    I figured it would work much longer than a regular camera flash (one evening of normal strobe use is thousands of flashes) and it is more energy efficient than flashing a huge incandescent light.
    R&J Productions
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    Aug 2003
    Columbus, Ohio
    Well, a normal strobe could be easily modified to give just one flash using something like a Prop-1 from Efx-Tk. The problem that I see is that I don't think a single flash from a strobe would be enough light to take away the guest's night vision.

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    Jun 2006
    Eastlake, Ohio
    You wouldn't need to modify a storbe. You can buy ones made american dj or vei that are triggerable with the correct voltage and a 1/4" mono cable. It's how I time strobes to match the firing pattern of my air cannons.
    Brian Warner
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    Mechanical Designer (animatronics) at Gore Galore www.Gore-Galore.com

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    Nov 2003
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Any DMX controllable strobe light can do the "one flash" thing as well.

    of course, an easy route would be to go to a pawn shop, find an old flash that fits in a shoe (a camera shoe, not an adidas), solder on a few wires and you are good to go. Those older flashes usually had a 1/8" cable that would trigger the flash when shorted.

    -- I

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    Aug 2006
    Saint Louis, MO
    Creative Visions sells a product they call a "Burst Light". It does what you're talking about. The web site is http://www.hauntvisions.com/APfxBurstLight.html and they have a litle video so you can see how it works. Hope that helps.
    Kip Polley

    Pale Night Productions
    We Engineer Fear

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