Today Mari, Sky and I met at the Fayetteville 101.9 HotMix radio station in full makeup and costume and they recorded us in the studio. They're going to play the segment "live" on the air Friday morning. They also took pictures of us in the studio and in the HotMix office and will be putting the pictures up on their web site Friday, after they air us "live in the studio".

We also went down to the CAT TV Station today in Fayetteville and were recorded for a spot on (Community Access TV). They had us do a five minute spot to promote the CAT TV Monster Twist Dance Party. We donated tickets to Raycliff Manor as prizes so were able as "sponsors" to announce the ability to win tickets and provide information about Racyliff Manor. We're not sure when that will air, but it's supposed to run several times before Halloween.

We also have people coming out from Jones Television, Cox Communications Channel 22. They are going to be doing a 30 minute segment on Halloween in Eureka Springs and they want Raycliff Manor to be the primary feature segment! They will be filming us on the 20th, both in costume and out and they plan to have the show edited and air it on the week of the 23rd. It will air numerous times that week on Jones Television/ Channel 22/ Cox Communication Cable.

I got a call from the Morning News yesterday and they have now confirmed attendance at the Press/Media night this Friday. So, I'm expecting the following people at the Press/Media Night:


Arkansas Dept. of Parks and Tourism ( &

Equity Broadcasting (FOX NEWS)

KY3 News

Morning News

I wish I knew for sure if each news station would be airing their coverage and when. I guess we just wait and see. I think that's the update on things on this end.

The marketing/advertising never stops! :wink: