In an on-going investigation at Camp Powderly to find the root of the horrific events that unfolded in 2000 and has haunted Terror Field and its entire guest for years after the original findings. Startling Paranormal evidence led to a dig deep into the woods at Camp Powderly which uncovered an unearthly Gate into the depths of which we do not dare speak. Fellow crew members embarked on a Journey into what has been marked as the “Inferno’s Gate” in which startling video feed provided clear evidence of Paranormal activity and scenes of a Hellish Nightmare. In the midst of their 3 day excavation, evidence shows the crew came upon a Gentleman in which appeared to be a Meat Cutter, but no conformation has been made. The Video Feed was lost minutes after the crews met this gentleman, and yet have returned from the excavation site. Terror Field is seeking recruitment for this excavation in order to solve this long lasting mystery and help bring back the crew members that have been missing since January 13th 2006. If interested please Visit the excavation site at 3 Butler Ave in Seneca Falls, where work will begin immediately!

Test the 5 Stages of Hell for yourself:

1. Emotional

2. psychological

3. Physical

4. anguish/Suffering

5. demise

Terror Field is back in black and ready to scare. Starting in Seneca Falls in the year 2000 on Boston Ave under a carport only on Halloween, known then as B.M.G productions we had a very successful haunt. In 2001 we then took it to the woods on Powderly road in Waterloo. Designed around a haunted camp, we transformed 3 acres of land into haunted trails and put a haunted house in the middle. The haunts name became Camp Powderly and we transformed into Terror Field Productions. People as far as Kauka College came to see this event that ran for only a few days. Bad weather and limited advertisement put Terror Field in a position it couldn’t afford. With 200 people attending, we still lost money but kept hopes high.
The land was sold and Terror Field had to find a new home. After taking 2002 and 2005 off, we put many hours into planning for our future. Now know as Terror Field Productions we present the Infernos’ Gate! The Infernos Gate picks up where Camp Powderly left off and is a stepping stone for the 2006 season. The 2003 + 2004 season turned out to be a great season with growth in attendance and loyal fans yet we still hadn’t recovered from our debt. Yet Terror Field Production still went to no expense to get new innovative props to help the 2006 season become one of the best. After a few years of studies and planning we plan on implementing a strategic plan into become a Haunt know around the North East.

The Infernos’ Gate will run Saturday and Sunday October 21,22,28,29 from 6pm-10pm. We are located on Butler Ave across from the Bus garage. Take 5&20 till the Gould hotel, turn left onto state St. and then left onto Butler ave. It is right before the tennis courts and football field. Admission is Free! Donations will be accepted at the door for 10 month old Sarah Miller who has been diagnosed with Leukemia.

Please visit www.terrorfield.com for more information. There you can find all the Terror Field Stories, Schedules, Directions, maps from map quest, Interactive Forum and online auction and a free members section. There is also a Terror Field Video in the Forum for signups.

Terror Field Productions commitment to home haunting at professional haunt quality gives us a unique advantage and invites you to visit our haunt and website. Within the coming years Terror Field Productions will commit to evolve into the professional haunted scream park that we have envisioned for years bringing the Finger Lakes region the tourism based themed attraction it needs.