What, who, is this?
I think this informal market survey could have some interesting results.
The other night I saw 9 customers here, three were female, they were two groups, they drove here from 65 and 60 miles away, they were probably all just out of high school and college age.
At the conclusion of the tour I asked if any of them worked together or attended school with one another?
This is when I found out only three of the guys had jobs and most of them were pretty much "strapped" for money.
One guy lost his cell phone here, we found it, he was to return to pick it up that next afternoon but didn't know if he had enough money for gas to come back?
..and he was one of the ones who HAD a job.
One girl paid for the tickets for four .
Some of them have been here quite a few times over the last year or so.
Maybe we should all just become monetary masochists and smile real BIG everytime we have to put more of that more expensive liquid gold in our cars to go any little place?
"There, that's better...enjoy the pain...doesn't that feel ...good?"
What is exactly pleasure? How should we now define "Pain"?
Want to be "Happy"? Sure thing, just redefine a few little things and it's done, "Happy!" "Happy!" "Ouch!"