After several requests from customers (who seem to be building their own talking skulls) I have written programs that allow the Prop-SX to be used as an output device with VSA. At the moment I have three programs:

1) 8 servos + 8 digital outputs
2) 8 servos + 8 pwm outputs
3) 16 servos

With the Prop-SX all you have to do is select the program that you want, download it, then connect your PC to the Prop-SX DB-9 connector for control. The Prop-SX has high-current drivers so you can use those outputs with programs 1 and 2 to run things like relays and valves or LED spot lights.

You can find the programs in our user forums:

All programs are written in SX/B (free compiler from Parallax) so those of you who are adventurous can hack away.

Jon Williams
Hollywood Office